Shipping Contest: $400.00 in Prizes

OK, you guys responded nicely to our 10¢ Shipping Special by requesting more than 25,000 cards to be shipped. However, this didn’t quite beat last year’s Black Friday shipping special. So our shipping team thinks this isn’t a big enough challenge. They really want to push the limits and see what is possible.

10¢ Shipping & $50 Daily Giveaway

We are extending our 10¢ Shipping for the rest of June, and we will give away $50 store credit each day for the largest shipment request placed with the Special shipping option. Each day we will use our facebook page to announce the winner and how many cards were in their shipment.

Extra Bonus: If you place your shipment request by 11:59 PM on Monday, June 27, we will make sure it is packaged and handed to the post office by Friday, July 1st. We really want to smash our record for most cards shipped in a month.

4 thoughts on “Shipping Contest: $400.00 in Prizes

  1. Love what you guys do at this site but this is not fair to all the customers who placed their order before the original deadline of the shipping deal. Just my take as I was one of the customers who beat the deadline and have no more cards to get shipped. Thanks for the shipping special and good luck to those who place orders this week.

  2. I agree with Craig… I’m sure those that placed large shipments will be disappointed to find that they could have won some extra cash if they had held out
    How about another small giveaway for those that already placed shipment requests prior to the original deadline. You could run a raffle style giveaway and use the number of cards each user ordered as a basis for their raffle entries.

    • Good suggestion. We will consider that if we do a contest like this in the future.

      Regarding the way we did run the contest… One could make a case that running the contest immediately after doing the shipping special put everyone on an even playing field. Everyone that had been building up huge shipment requests placed them the previous week. Now everyone that is placing shipment requests had to build them up during the contest.

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