1,000 views in < 2.5 hours

People have been requesting the ability to post ads on our site for a long time. We have seen the popularity of people using our blog comments, our facebook page, and other forums to try to promote sales or to find buyers for port sales.

New Classified Ads Feature
With our new Classified Ads feature we have enabled a way for you to directly target the users of our site. We have started with a very simple feature that allows you to post ads in the following categories.

  • Promotion: Promote a sale you are running
  • New Items: Advertise new items that were just posted
  • For Sale: Draw attention to particular items you have for sale
  • Port Sale: Advertise that you are interested in selling your entire portfolio
  • Wanted: Let other sellers know what you are interested in buying
  • General: General announcements
  • Other: Something not mentioned above

As this new functionality gets used, we will shape it to work best for the types of ads people want to post.  For example, we plan to add a button on Port Sale ads that will allow people to instantly purchase a portfolio or to make an offer.

Classified Ads Page
For the duration of the listing the ad will be visible on the new Classified Ads page.

Classified Ads on the Home Page
We display three ads at the top of the home page. These ads are chosen at random, but we try to weight the randomness so that ads get approximately the same number of home page views per dollar that was spent on the ad.

Your Classified Ad Stats
When you log into the site, you will find a new My Classifieds link on the left. This will show you stats about your ad. With the first test ad we posted, it took less than 2.5 hours to get displayed more than 1,000 times on the home page. Here are the current stats for that ad.
Home Page Views: 1,367
Classifieds Page Views: 65
Details Page Views: 95

Approval Process
Each ad that is submitted goes through an editing and security review process. This ensures that our site is always safe for anyone that may be visiting.

Listing Fees
The introductory rate for posting ads is $2 + $1/day. You can pick how many days you want your ad to be visible.

Post an ad, and let us know what you think.