History Made: 1 Million Different Cards For Sale

We just reached another major milestone. COMC.com is the first website in history to offer more than a million different cards for sale that all have scans of the front and the back of each card.

Thank you for all of your support and encouragement to help make our service a success! We are also excited about all the improvements we are working on to make the site even better for the next million cards.

Note: For those of you counting…. We have actually shipped out 1,347,178 cards that were purchased, and we have 2,922,241 total cards for sale when you count all of the duplicates.

11 thoughts on “History Made: 1 Million Different Cards For Sale

  1. Another Congratulations to all the staff at COMC for making card collecting lots of fun.

  2. Ahhhh ……. So Kool!!! Congrads on the milestone ….now on to 2,000,000 🙂

  3. For those of you still counting, Beckett.com says there are 5,543,185 unique cards they have cataloged. Considering how many thousands of those must be 4 different 1-of-1 printing plates of each of 350 cards in a set, and so on, there are probably realistically what, 4 million unique cards in circulation? Even if that number is closer to 5 million, this means COMC has reached about 20% of all unique trading cards in stock and available to the collecting public. As that percentage continues to grow, the number of collectors who can have all their needs met by this site will also continue to grow. This can only mean good things for those of us dedicated to selling on this site. It’s so exciting to be a part of this site and to contribute to this community! COMC ROCKS!!

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  5. To Affordablecards: The best part of COMC is all those cards not listed in the major books; all the oddball, often previously unknown cards that collectors like me are hoping to find. COMC has the potential to one day list more cards than places like Beckett acknowledge to exist – wouldn’t that be exciting?

    Congrats COMC. You’re still the best place to buy sports cards online.


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