Vouchers are popular

We have already sold 500 processing vouchers. You have until Wednesday June 15th to buy more vouchers, and they can be used any time over the next three years.

Many people jumped on the special we offered to expedite the processing of batches that arrived by today. Here is the flood that arrived the last four days the postal service was running.

21 thoughts on “Vouchers are popular

  1. It’s like looking at myself on television, seeing the boxes. BTW, the post date for mine is listed as 26 July. Shouldn’t it say 1 July?

    • Once we get the packages that arrived on June 1st or earlier recorded in the system, we will update all due dates to July 1st.

      • that is good to know. I got scared for a minute on mine. I think one of my boxes is right on top in the 2nd picture. pretty cool to see how much we all sent you guys.

  2. Maybe we should keep the .15 processing forever. It seems like most people like it.

    • Interesting idea, however the vast majority of the vouchers were purchased with existing store credit. We figured it was a great way to make happy customers as we have retired the old $0.15 processing service.

      • Even if it was purchased with store credit, how is it not making money? Store credit is a customer’s money until it’s transfered to you, right?

      • I’m guessing there will be some account holders infusing cash into their accounts prior to the June 15th deadline.

  3. Hey everyone! I’m Doing a 90% and more off sale to get enough money to buy a voucher. I bought a couple of huge jersey and auto lots on eBay that I need to send in fast, so help me be able to send them in before June 15th!! The sale will last for a week and will not Start till about 5pm on June 2nd!! Thanks!!

      • The sale is now over, although I will be leaving some cards marked down the rest will go to original prices. Thanks to everyone who bought from me, I reached my goal and will be buying a voucher!!!

  4. This site is hands down the best site with the BEST customer service i have ever used!!! Keep up the great work and YES please keep these promos going!

  5. How many cards do you have in stock that aren’t listed on the site. I am down to very few on my masterpieces parallel wantlist and check 10 times a day.

    • We have about 200,000 cards that we are currently processing. Most of them will be on the site by the end of the month. We are adding about 50,000 cards each week. So keep checking!

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