COMC Lockout

Following the example of the NBA and NFL, the owner of Check Out My Cards has decided to lock out the workers over a labor dispute. Despite push back from workers that love their job, the owner feels that all workers should get a 4 day weekend after reaching all quarterly goals and setting a record for most cards shipped in a month (92,254).

This lockout will last until Tuesday July 5th. At this point, workers will be allowed to resume their regular schedules. No phone calls will be answered or emails responded to during the lockout.

Since it is only the workers that are being locked out, you can expect that the owner will likely continue to make updates to the experimental Card Details page during the course of the lockout.

🙂 Enjoy your holiday weekend!

3 Million Cards For Sale

A few weeks ago we history with more than 1 million different cards for sale.

Today we crossed 3 million total cards for sale.

That means that we have an average of 3 copies of each card for you to choose from. As a result, we are working on some improvements to the Card Details page to optimize for a better experience when choosing between the different copies of the same card. We look forward to pushing out that update in the next few days.

Here is a sneak peak at the new design. It is still rough, but you get the idea where we are going.

Shipping Contest: $400.00 in Prizes

OK, you guys responded nicely to our 10¢ Shipping Special by requesting more than 25,000 cards to be shipped. However, this didn’t quite beat last year’s Black Friday shipping special. So our shipping team thinks this isn’t a big enough challenge. They really want to push the limits and see what is possible.

10¢ Shipping & $50 Daily Giveaway

We are extending our 10¢ Shipping for the rest of June, and we will give away $50 store credit each day for the largest shipment request placed with the Special shipping option. Each day we will use our facebook page to announce the winner and how many cards were in their shipment.

Extra Bonus: If you place your shipment request by 11:59 PM on Monday, June 27, we will make sure it is packaged and handed to the post office by Friday, July 1st. We really want to smash our record for most cards shipped in a month.