$0.15 Processing Special

You may have heard of our pre-paid 8 week processing voucher special—well, it’s still on and NOW open to ALL. You can buy $78 vouchers (each voucher is equivalent to a 500 card 15-cent processing special) which expire in 3 years!

Special BONUS! Although the processing timeframe on the vouchers are 8 weeks, you have a chance to cut that time in half! If your cards are received with voucher(s) by June 1, 2011 they will be on the site by July 1st, 2011. Why this, why now? Because we’re putting our new, expanded (yet cool and sleek) work teams to the test and we think we can do it!

Voucher Details
• Vouchers cost: $78 for 500 cards 8 week processing
• Vouchers are specific to user accounts and are not transferable
• No graded, encased, or jumbo cards are allowed
• No coins or poker chips are allowed
• Limit 50 vouchers per household
• Each voucher can only be used once
• Last day to purchase: June 15, 2011.
To purchase or learn more: Call 1-800-517-3540

How it works
You purchase the voucher(s) by phone, we put an alert on your account and when your cards come in we’ll apply the voucher(s) automatically right away and get the ball rolling. If it happens you do not want to use the voucher(s) now or do not wish to send in cards right away, we will mail the unused vouchers to you at month’s end, and you will be free to use them at your leisure until they expire: June 15, 2014. If you would like to apply unused vouchers that are phyically with you, simply place the voucher in the box with the cards you are sending in and we will redeem it when the cards arrive.

By the way, did we mention the maximum number of cards you can send us for this offer is 25,000?! Go for it— deals like this are hard to come by!

If you have previously taken advantage of these vouchers and are wondering: Can I do it again? Yes!

22 thoughts on “$0.15 Processing Special

  1. Edit your post. June has 30 days 🙂 (You can delete my comment afterward too.)

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  3. This is an awesome deal and made even better with the time cut in half if you get your cards there by 6/1/11.

  4. Can’t wait to take advantage of this deal. Just started using the site for the first time in January and have really enjoyed buying/selling cards on a daily basis since then. Got my first batch of personal cards clearing this week – so it should be fun to see how things sell my first time around, and I’ve got my next 500 ready to send on Monday! Thanks for the hard work, the site is very impressive being built from scratch.

  5. 1,500 more cards are on there way after buying three of these certificates. Thanks for the great deal!

    • This is a fantastic deal guys! My daughter got me back into the hobby, your site is exactly the spark the industry needed.

      You have raised the bar…It can only get better!

      Thank you!

    • Excellent deal! There is no better site to display, buy or sell cards around today!

      Thank you!

  6. Just to clarify…
    Does this offer only apply to cards which are received on or before June 1st?

    • Yes. We need to get the cards by June 1st in order to process them by July 1st. If we get them after June 1st, it will take 8 weeks to process.

  7. With so many “Commons” being bulk uploaded by complete set, it basically takes the small collector like me out of the reason I got on board with COMC. When I joined a few years ago, the whole purpose of COMC seemed to be the joy of collecting and it gave the kid in me a chance to reignite the fun of collecting. It was a place to post your cards and watch as they sold, or to scan the site and find bargains and flip them. It was like a Saturday flea market or yard sale. Fun and kinda cool. I understand progress and the need for growth, but its not the first time I (and others) have expressed concern that the COMC of the “Yardsale” feel would get caught up in its own success and become the “Costco” of card selling. More and more “bulk” sellers, card shops and “Major” sellers that are looking at making thousands of dollars are overtaking the site. Yes, free enterprise, capitalism, making money, I get it and I understand that there’s nothing to stop this from happening. But when it costs me about 15 to 20 cents per card (I’m in Canada) to mail, plus the per card listing fee, plus the cash out fee (which is more than 20% by the way, do the math, you’ll see it), it almost makes no sense for me to send in any of my half decent commons as I’m now competing with sellers who are COMC in house or are major players who don’t think twice about the cost..they are about bulk listings and huge sales. I’m happy to see a hundred bucks or so in sales every 3 to 6 months. Again, nothing against the “big timers” here, but point being, COMC is less about the collector like me and more about the card show major players and the folks who do this to make a living. Perhaps COMC could splinter off a second site for the very small, part time private collectors like myself and get back to the COMC where the “little guy” felt like he or she had a chance.

    • Could you explain how the actions of others (such as myself) are affecting what you’d like to do on the site? I ask this as sincerely as possible. The look and feel of the site hasn’t changed in the years that I’ve been here, and the commons account is almost always the highest-priced card available.

      There are plenty of opportunities to flip cards on COMC. You can sort any search results page by “highest percent off” or “lowest price” and find phenomenal opportunities. I can’t keep up with them all. I’ve bought more than 13,000 cards on this site, and if I didn’t have a full-time job, I’d be buying a lot more.

  8. Ok here’s a question. How about batches received ON June 1st? Mine was actually delivered by USPS on the 31st, but wasn’t assigned a batch number until today. Will this be processed by July 1st? I’d like to think so, but the email I received as well as the website is showing a July 26 deadline.

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  11. Hey,
    When will you do one of these again? I have about 1500 cards Im waiting to send in for another one?

  12. This was a great deal back then, and an even better deal now! I still have 3 of these vouchers and will be looking to use them very soon. Does Steve still accept cards at the Meridian shows? Or does the latest facility/warehouse allow for drop-offs? Has any of the above information changed in regards to submissions with the vouchers? Thanks!

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