$0.15 Processing Special

You may have heard of our pre-paid 8 week processing voucher special—well, it’s still on and NOW open to ALL. You can buy $78 vouchers (each voucher is equivalent to a 500 card 15-cent processing special) which expire in 3 years!

Special BONUS! Although the processing timeframe on the vouchers are 8 weeks, you have a chance to cut that time in half! If your cards are received with voucher(s) by June 1, 2011 they will be on the site by July 1st, 2011. Why this, why now? Because we’re putting our new, expanded (yet cool and sleek) work teams to the test and we think we can do it!

Voucher Details
• Vouchers cost: $78 for 500 cards 8 week processing
• Vouchers are specific to user accounts and are not transferable
• No graded, encased, or jumbo cards are allowed
• No coins or poker chips are allowed
• Limit 50 vouchers per household
• Each voucher can only be used once
• Last day to purchase: June 15, 2011.
To purchase or learn more: Call 1-800-517-3540

How it works
You purchase the voucher(s) by phone, we put an alert on your account and when your cards come in we’ll apply the voucher(s) automatically right away and get the ball rolling. If it happens you do not want to use the voucher(s) now or do not wish to send in cards right away, we will mail the unused vouchers to you at month’s end, and you will be free to use them at your leisure until they expire: June 15, 2014. If you would like to apply unused vouchers that are phyically with you, simply place the voucher in the box with the cards you are sending in and we will redeem it when the cards arrive.

By the way, did we mention the maximum number of cards you can send us for this offer is 25,000?! Go for it— deals like this are hard to come by!

If you have previously taken advantage of these vouchers and are wondering: Can I do it again? Yes!

Shaking the hand of a comedian

A few weeks ago I got to shake the hand of a legend. I guess shaking the hand of a famous person is the thing to do on a Saturday…

Earlier this week I ran across Demetri Martin on facebook. I have been a big fan of his comedy for a while, so I “liked” his page. This afternoon I saw this post on my facebook feed.

So that is what I did. He answered questions and read excerpts from his book for a couple hundred people. Very, very funny. I was impressed with how funny he was with things off the cuff. He isn’t just funny with a rehearsed act on stage.