Turns out… Friday actually is good

Today I had Easter dinner with Andy Bird. He is a friend from Minnesota that I lured out to Seattle four years ago to help build COMC.com. He implemented our original interface design. Anything that looks kind of clunky on the site today is probably my fault. I am not nearly as fluent with CSS, HTML, and Photoshop as he is.

In any case, I was mentioning to him that I checked out some website stats last night and was surprised to find that we set a record on Friday for most revenue in one day. I was puzzled that it seemed like such a random day. We weren’t running any particular specials. It just seemed to be completely out of the blue. Then Andy commented… “So I guess Friday actually is good.” We all got a good chuckle, and I told them that I was going to blog about this one.

Andy doing the Heisman pose with his newborn baby Lucia

In case you aren’t familiar with Christian traditions, the Friday before Easter is called Good Friday.