Due to increased Ad revenue COMC buys eBay

In the past two months we have generated so much ad revenue that our bank has warned us that they cannot store that much cash. Rather than spreading the money across multiple banks, we have opted to spend it.

Last night we purchased a majority stake in eBay and today we renamed it CheckOutMyeBay.

Sorry we didn’t get a chance to give prior notice. This has all happened so fast.

8 thoughts on “Due to increased Ad revenue COMC buys eBay

  1. Does this mean if I call your Customer Service I will be transfered to your new offices in India?

  2. So the new rules and regulations will actually make sense for buyers and sellers?

  3. this IS for april fools!! lol. the tag alone will reveal it is “April Fools”, then also “spoof”. what does that tell you?? nice photoshopping there guys lol. Im surprised ebay dont sue you now for using their logo in your pic lol lol. ebay…. pfft, thats why I use checkoutmycards!!!

  4. So does that mean when you ship something and have proof,that you and paypal will not side with the buyer and always refund there money????? And what about letting sellers who keep you open leave NEGATIVE feedback when no payment is recieved instead of just neutral that does nothing to there feedback…..Very funny guys!

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