VIDEO: Performance Improvement

We finished a very successful move tonight. Thanks to some help from Brent Unruh, the move went as smoothly as possible, and we now have room for some new servers that we are working on.

While we are working on these hardware upgrades, we have also been making software improvements to the site. Here is a demo of a performance improvement that Scott Bullock just finished making.

24 thoughts on “VIDEO: Performance Improvement

  1. Since this morning, when I go to a specific card by item number there is an authentication pop-up which asks for my screen-name and password but does not accept it, and I can not change my price this way. (No, I don’t have a virus trying to take my COMC password.)

    • I, too, am having this problem. Probably a bug that you wouldn’t know to test for after updating the code.

      Would prefer that this new feature be an option. I use CoolPreviews, an add-on for Firefox, to prevent from charging too little for a card, and this new feature doesn’t work well with it.

      • That issue is fixed now. It turns out the technique we were using on the Item Details page only worked in Google Chrome. So I changed the Item Details page back to doing updates the old way. The Manage Inventory still has all the new improvements.

      • I stand corrected, it works very well if you set the dropdown to more than 10 cards at a time. I have it set at 500. (Thanks for this feature as well.) I cannot wait for my pending cards to be added now 🙂

  2. Definitely faster to price, that is great. The only thing is, and I wanted to pass this along, is that in trying to price items, I noticed that I can’t hit the “marked not for sale” button now, it won’t work. I dont know if that is just me or not?

  3. I also have that problem of managing my inventory. When you go to change the price on an item It asks for your ID and Password when you are already logged in.

  4. You guys really need a complete overhaul. Ground-up rewrite. You don’t have nearly enough traffic to need so many servers. The code must be extremely bloated. It’s a simple database structure with a few thousand visitors per day. One server should probably be more than enough. But of course now you can pass these costs on to customers, so I suppose it’s all part of the grand plan…

    • Wish you would have posted this with a valid email address… I would love to get your insight. I am very interested in your experience with databases and website design. If we could do everything with one server, I would be very interested in that solution.

      We currently use two servers, one for the web server, and one for the database. The two new servers are to offload the searches so that they don’t over-tax the database server. These are going to be much lighter weight servers since they don’t need as much redundancy as the database server.

      We currently get 8,000 visitors a day, and that has been consistently doubling each year. We are building a solution that needs to scale well past 30,000 visitors a day, not just a few thousand.

      • Jeff,
        I’ll say what Tim probably wanted to say, but was too nice… you are a self important idiot! I’m sure you have a lot of head knowledge, but nothing else. That last line was a low-blow!

      • I don’t think that’s a fair thing to say until Jeff has had an opportunity to reply.

      • Actually, I think it is fair Joel… Jeff makes an unfair attack, basically of price gouging, without having all the necessary information. It’s his assumption in the last line that got my attention.

      • jeff did not address the bogging down by crawlers that at least “might” increase awareness of the sight. Plus we want a fast server during peak use times, which is not addressed when looking at average usages.

  5. Great upgrades! Helped me Price my cards a lot faster!!! If anyone wants to buy all my cards, make me offers I will consider all of them. This is my third year on this site and I want to make it my most selling month. Thanks!!!

  6. Thanks for the improvements Tim, great work. I surf comc at all times of the night morning, not much in the day so not sure how fast/slow the database is spitting out data. I have been very impressed with the response time of the db. It was slow prior to your upgrades but now it’s all good. Keep your plan in place, comc is good in my book.

  7. Yet another big improvement … this is a big time saver! Thanks Tim for working to continually improve COMC!
    On another subject – I cannot figure out how so many sellers can list a card for under 0.30, since it costs 0.20 to list and 20% more on the ultimate sale? Note: Selling dimes for a nickle would result in a huge gross, but the volume will never justify it!

  8. I like the faster updating times but the sorting feature for “recently modified” is flawed. If you update a price on page 2 and then change to page 3, the list re-sorts itself while you are loading the next page and you skip over one item after the card you just update gets bumped back to page 1.

    I like to update prices for cards that haven’t been updated in the longest amount of time. The new sort features doesn’t allow it without having to either load 500 cards per page and try to remember where in the inventory you last update or by continually reloading the last page (which you can only do by hitting refresh, then the system kicks you back to page one, then you have to reload the last page).

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