A Common Courtesy

Just wanted to post a quick note about one of the new accounts you may run across when browsing COMC.com

Our goal has always been to offer a cost effective way for people to sell cards for $1 or more. We have definitely accomplished that, but some sellers have even found some success with cards priced at even less than $1. However we don’t expect sellers to use our service to list mass quantities of nickel and dime commons from the 80’s and 90’s.

That said, many of our buyers would would like to buy some of those cards to complete sets or because a card may feature a neighbor or cousin. So, we have decided to do a little experiment, and we are posting a number of base complete sets from the past few decades in a new account named Commons.

This account will not try to compete with other seller’s prices. Generally commons will be listed for about $0.50 – $0.75. We are not trying to flood the market with more product. We realize that it is not cost effective for our sellers to list these commons, so we will list a few of them for those buyers that are looking for them. Hopefully they will also end up also buying some more expensive cards from our other sellers while they are at it.

So… the main point I want you to be aware of is that the new Commons account is not intended to be an example of the kinds of cards that you should send us. It is simply a service we are providing to the collectors that are hunting for certain less expensive cards.

Millions of Milestones

Another significant milestone was recently passed… This week we added item #4,000,000 to the site. It was submitted by friarg, who happens to be a brand new consignment seller..

Item #4000000
1967 Topps #256 - Bob Hendley - Courtesy of CheckOutMyCards.com


Item #100,000 was added on 8/22/2007
– 667 days later…
Item #1,000,000 was added on 6/29/2009
– 290 days later…
Item #2,000,000 was added on 4/15/2010
– 184 days later…
Item #3,000,000 was added on 10/16/2010
– 151 days later…
Item #4,000,000 was added on 3/16/2011

How many days until item #5,000,000?

VIDEO: Performance Improvement

We finished a very successful move tonight. Thanks to some help from Brent Unruh, the move went as smoothly as possible, and we now have room for some new servers that we are working on.

While we are working on these hardware upgrades, we have also been making software improvements to the site. Here is a demo of a performance improvement that Scott Bullock just finished making.

For Sale: $10 Million

No, COMC is not for sale, but we did just cross $10 million in book value worth of cards for sale.

$100K to $10 Million in less than 4 years is not too shabby… We also just crossed 900,000 different cards for sale in the past couple days.

Who has the largest inventory of sports cards in the world? Do you think COMC will ever catch them? If so, how long do you think it will take?