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  2. Ok, first off just let me start by saying this, a week or so ago I typed up a messsage to have it disappear cause i didnt have the info above filled out properly. Now not that it effects me a whole lot, but ive been lookin over the processing fees, and its got me thinking, sometimes i think were changing around here just for the sake of change! and in some cases, its not really benifiting the group as a whole! In fact i think were getting away from what makes this site so great! At this rate, youll have nobody submitting anything under a buck cause the fees are just eating them up. A big reason this site is what it is today, is because the sellers had a platform to sell cards that they otherwise couldnt! Lots of sellers were able to carve out a nice little niche here, doing what they couldnt elsewhere. Right now the cheapest processing is .20 + batch fee + 20% selling fee… meaning if i sold a card for .98 cents, roughly .50 cents of that would go to the house! Not to mention shipping fees (ie. toploader fees, etc.) i mean that basically, logically rules out listing a card for less than .50 cents right??? in the end i just see alot of small guys being run out due new “changes” in which probably didnt even need to be done!

    The whole reason i felt the motivation to post this was because of this here on a pretty reputable sportscard trading site rekindled the fire!!

    “I have bought a few times but now their shipping rates are getting a bit high, especially w/ adding $.15 for a toploader. The shipping for one card is now $3.15 so it hurts for my low end collecting needs.”

    Now dont get me wrong, i do the love the site!! however i thought it was just me, thinking things like that… but then i found the community i trade with were feeling the same way! and i felt like i owed it to them, to get it out there… every 6 months here, brings on a new set of fees or exspenses!! i think it would be alot less critisized if options became available that were less exspensive, instead everything is always going up… personally i think people would wait 3 months to get cards processed if it was a nickel a card… its just really starting to turn into mmmmhmhmm the competition. which inturn is causing alot of active traders to stear away. and weather your a buyer or a seller, thats not good!

    I wish i had my original message as it was worded alot better. Sorry for the rant, just felt like it had to be said

    • Thank you for voicing your concerns. We are keeping a close eye on how people are reacting to the updated fees.

      Regarding shipping… We didn’t increase any fees. We only added a new toploader option. Nearly every shipping option is now less expensive. In the last 3 weeks we have seen at least a 10% increase in cards shipped, so I think those changes have gone over well.

      Regarding processing fees… I understand wanting the fees as low as possible, and we are doing what we can. We also have to make sure the foundation of the business is solid, and can afford the growth. Our current backlog of people willing to pay $0.20/card is so great that we just hired two new people in the past week, and we are still looking to hire more. In order for us to keep our service quality high, this was a step we needed to take. Once we get a little breathing room, we can consider running some specials. Until then, we are heads down keeping up with the demand.

  3. Cool, appreciate the quick response. and like i said i personally love the site… i just want the best for the group as a whole! i understand with changes not everybody will always be happy, but the changes should be made to effect and benefit the majority. I just dont like seeing people talkin crap about the site, or worse not even giving the site a chance. the more people who get turned off by negative changes, or changes that dont nescasarily pertain to them the less buyers, and sellers all around… and ultimately i think thats what should matter. and it just seems like were heading down a path of pushing the small guys right on out…

    • Thanks! Pushing out the little guys is the last thing I want to do. The more people that can be successful, the better we all will be. It is us little guys that got this site to where it is today. In fact, we have to turn down suggestions from the big guys nearly every week in attempt to keep the site as fair as possible for everyone.

      I am glad that we have so many passionate customers like yourself. Thanks for speaking up.

  4. I’m sure travlncard’s sentiments are echoed by many. And I appreciate the responses given by COMC to his comments. It’s especially comforting to know that sellers/traders here have a level playing field, little guys and “big guys” alike. That concept is really at the heart of what makes COMC what it is, and it’s a big reason I like it as much as I do. One needs to look no further than eBay’s stock, to see what selling out to the “big guys” will do to the site. A once-giant, they could’ve continued to dominate almost exclusively in the online second-hand market, but they pushed out the people who made it what it was, and it changed who they are in the process.

    COMC, keep up the good work!!!

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