COMC announces 2011 Special!

Celebrating the start of the year 2011, is offering a processing special that should get your year started right.

20¢ for 11 day processing

Get your cards on the site in only 11 days for just 20¢ per card plus $3 per batch of up to 500 cards.


  • Must be postmarked no later than Tuesday, January 11, 2011
  • Boxes must be clearly marked with your user name and “2011 Special”
  • Oversized, graded or encased cards are not eligible for this promotion
  • Must have sufficient store credit to cover processing fees
  • Special is limited to one per household
  • Maximum cards: 2011 (4 batches)

We at Check Out My Cards appreciated your support in 2010, and we look forward to serving you in 2011!

17 thoughts on “COMC announces 2011 Special!

  1. Figures this special pops up 2 days after I ship a flat rate box full of cards. Any chance I can still cash in on this deal if my package is still in transit?

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  3. glad I have delayed sending in anything! I was going to do the month test special or the 3 week which ever was cheaper but this is much better. Thanks guys/gals over at comc!

  4. Hey Tim

    We need the return of the 10 cent shipping special so I can clear out all the cards I bought over Christmas. Make it happen!!

  5. Can we combine this with the $10 processing fee coupon that expires on 12/31 (from the Thanksgiving shipping special)? I’m dropping my cards in the mail tomorrow and would be interested in upgrading the service to 20c / card if I can apply my coupon toward that. Thanks!

  6. I have sold so much inventory just in the past few weeks since learning how to bulk discount everything 80-95% off that I need to add more inventory. I am down to about 3000 cards. I’m definitely goin to take advantage of this. First batch goes out with Monday’s mail. I’ve got a ton more Durants, Blake Griff, Josh Freeman, Heywards, Bryce Harper, Trout, Strasburgs, Etc., stuff we can’t stock. I know what u guys r buying

    This special is perfect……The hot cards u want PROCESSED NOW.

    • We didn’t change the limit. It was always 2011 cards. We just clarified that 2011 cards will be only 4 batches. We won’t split off the 11 cards into a 5th batch.

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