DDearing Sale is OVER!!

Today all of the headaches are finally gone.  Every card will be disappearing from Dan Dearing’s account one by one throughout the afternoon and evening.

If you wanted to purchase one of them at 8% of book value (or 8% of his asking price on N/A cards), you have a few hours left because we do not have the ability to instantly take all the cards off the site.  Unfortunately, this is the only window — and the sale ceases a week shy of its last potential ending date.

We apologize for all of the stress the DDearing sale may have caused with the site slowdown, but are very relieved that the slowdowns due to this will not hamper any of your sales over this holiday season.  To all of you that participated in the sale, our hope is that you received some sort of benefit and that you enjoyed participating.  Once the site is updated and can handle these types of sales, everyone — including the staff — will be very happy!

Warm wishes throughout the season,

The Staff at Check Out My Cards