DDearing 50-Day-Sale blowing up the site

The website problems are continuing to get worse as the site traffic grows daily.  This is an indicator that our improvements planned for early 2011 are heavily justified.

In the case of the DDearing Sale, Dan is unable to adjust prices on the bulk-price editing tool as it is not configured to handle the inventory changes below 90% off.  To give you an example of Dan’s day, it takes more than 5 hours to download his inventory and make price adjustments.  Today he was unable to make any changes as the tool is not working properly.

During this busy holiday season, we may not get the chance to properly make the changes in the editing system.  Thus, until Christmas, we have created a way for you to still get the savings on the inventory.  It is fortunate that currently all of the asking prices are at 10% of book so the calculations are simple:

Today 12/16 all offers of 90% will be auto accepted (9% of book)

12/17 all offers of 80% will be auto accepted (8% of book)

12/18 all offers of 70% will be auto accepted (7% of book)

12/19 all offers of 60% will be auto accepted (6% of book)

12/20 all offers of 50% will be auto accepted (5% of book)

12/21 all offers of 40% will be auto accepted (4% of book)

12/22 all offers of 30% will be auto accepted (3% of book)

12/23 all offers of 20% will be auto accepted (2% of book)

12/24 all offers of 10% will be auto accepted (1% of book)

We have no idea when all of the inventory will be gone so please make your purchases quickly.  Please call the office when you need assistance in making a large purchase if the site is timing out and giving you an error message.

Thank you for your understanding and support,

The Staff at Check Out My Cards

6 thoughts on “DDearing 50-Day-Sale blowing up the site

  1. Hey there

    Made my purchase yesterday using the 90% figure and was charged 10% instead of 9% of book as noted above. Please advise.

    Thanks !

    • Hi Brad,

      As the blog explains you needed to make a offer for the extra 1% to be discounted. The bulk editor would not work in that application so it was our only alternative. Sorry for the confusion.



  2. So just over 24 hours after making this post explaining how we can buy all the way up to Christmas and possibly purchase cards at 1% of book, the sale is over? I’m a little bit confused. Please forgive me.

    So there was a port sale it appears of approximately 65,000 cards according to a recent blog post. Did someone with COMC buy these 65,000 cards?

    • Hi Matt,

      A user purchased the card fortunately. It would not be a fun undertaking to ship all 60000 cards. I think the cards are his starting point as he builds his/her inventory. The cards were all for sale the last two days leading up to a couple of hours ago. It just never got to the 1% of book state.



      • Thanks for the response Jeff.

        So are you saying that someone at COMC bought these cards because “it would not be a fun undertaking to ship all 60000 cards”?

        I just want to know if someone at COMC purchased these cards. I actually have a lot at stake, and I need to know what type of ethics COMC plays by.

        COMC knew all along how many cards were in ddearing’s account. This blog was posted on 12/16 in the afternoon explaining how to buy cards all the way up until Christmas, possibly at 1% of BV. Yet 1 day later, on 12/17 in the afternoon, someone buys this port. I’m perfectly fine with someone buying it. It think that it’s great for ddearing and the future of COMC, as long as it was done ethically. What I would hate to learn is that COMC led us to believe we might be able to buy cards at much bigger discounts, (according to advertisements and recent blog posts), when an employee/owner had plans to buy it before then. That doesn’t make very good business sense to me.

        I’m not trying to cause any trouble. Like I said, I just have a lot at stake here. I know I have one of the largest inventories on the site, and I need to know that proper ethics are in place since I no longer have physical possession of this, quite valuable inventory. Please understand what I’m trying to say.

        What’s done is done, and hopefully everyone uses this as a learning tool for the future. That’s what I’m trying to get across.


        Matt Wheeler

      • Hi Matt,

        First off, sorry to be confusing. What I was trying to say was the first person who tried to purchase the port had intentions to ship the entire lot back to his storefront. This was a concern as it would have tied us up for a few weeks trying to accomodate the shipping of the transaction. I was thankful that the second person intends to leave the cards on the site as we understand all the work required in putting each and every card on the site.

        Secondly, a user of the site purchased the entire portfolio at the 92% off asking price. I can’t go into detail unless they want a feature written about him/her as the site protects the identity of its users. I do understand people are open on the forums with who they are, but it is by their choice. I can assure you everything was done to the letter of the sale.

        In regards to the sale, I know for a fact that many employees including the owner took part in the sale and many expressed the same concerns when the sale ended. Its imposible to please everyone, but we are doing our best. Yes, the sale was confusing, it ended abruptly twice, it was frustrating on many levels. I try to answer the sites emails/phone calls and I think although some say the sale was awesome and no frustrations were felt, the incoming correspondence led me to believe otherwise.

        I do need to mention that as any sale goes it is open to anyone to purchase whatever they wanted at the advertised price. We are very firm on the user agreement and we will do whatever we can to police any offline transactions. Our intent was never to lead anyone on, but the reality of someone buying the entire portfolio was always there.

        I understand you just want answers as you have a lot vested into the company with your incredible inventory. Instead of asking you to just trust us, we try on a daily basis to make the right decisions to grow both of our businesses. I hope you believe this to be evident.

        There are many things we learned from the sale, received many ideas for doing sales in the future. I think it went very well with all things considered.

        I am glad to hear your comments and concerns as it helps me understand the needs of the users.



        fyi its way easier to respond via email as this does not have automatic spell check.

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