Thanksgiving 2010 Specials

Thank you for helping our business double over the past year. We will be giving thanks this year by offering these amazing specials that follow the twenty-ten theme.

10¢ Shipping
Buy 20 or more cards and get shipping for only 10¢ per card
– Limit 2,010 cards
– Account Required
– Shipment request must be placed Thursday 11/25 – Sunday 11/28, 2010
– Only 50¢ extra for each graded, encased, or jumbo card
– Only $2 extra for international orders
– Packages shipped securely without sleeves
– All cards purchased for $20 or more will be in toploaders
– Packages will be mailed by December 10th

You can start buying cards now. It is only the shipment request that needs to be placed by this Sunday night. Also, the $0.10 shipping even applies to the first card. If you buy 20 cards, it is only $2 for shipping.

$10 Off Processing
Buy 20 or more cards and get a $10 Off coupon good for any Processing Service
– Shipment request or shopping cart purchase must be placed Thursday 11/25 – Sunday 11/28
– Limit 1 coupon per user
– Coupon expires December 31st, 2010

10% Extra Store Credit
Buy $20 or more store credit by check or money order, and receive 10% extra store credit
– Limit $201 extra store credit per person with a $2,010 check or money order
– Payment must be postmarked between now and Tuesday, November 30th, 2010
– Account Required
– Be sure to write your user name and +10% on the memo of the check or money order

If you take full advantage of the 10% Extra Store Credit, you can basically get 2,010 cards shipped for free + you get a $10 Off Processing coupon.

Thanks for helping us continue to make Check Out My Cards the best place to buy and sell cards on the internet.

26 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2010 Specials

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    • I’m going to say yes because it says shipment request OR shopping cart purchase 🙂

      My followup question is: If I buy 20 cards between the 25th and 28th to flip, will I still get the $10 processing coupon? It would save COMC money anyway because I’d only be paying $2 to ship them, and it will cost them more than that to do it!

      So annoyed because I just made a deposit. You guys…

    • Yep, joelshitshow is correct. You just need to place the shipment request on those dates.

      We are including the coupons in outgoing shipments, so buying 20 cards to flip won’t do it.

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  4. Really a great idea with fantastic savings. I was purchasing more cards than I had planned within the hour of reading about it!! A real bonus for us Canadians with the lowered International Rate Fee to 2$.

    • We got a couple requests to lower the international rate for our Thanksgiving shipping special when we visited Vancouver, BC last month, and we are glad that it is appreciated.

  5. Is the 10% Extra Store Credit also available for PayPal store credit purchases, or just purchases with checks or money orders? Hopefully, you will offer it for PayPal purchases as well.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. So when do I have to buy the 20 cards to be eligible for the shipping special? I already have more than 20 I want shipped but I am guessing they won’t be eligible as I bought them before.

      • so all the cards I have purchased up to this point will not qualify for the .10 shipping? Confusing…you have to purchase the 20 plus cards between the 25th-28th in order to receive .10 shipping? What do I do with the 40+ cards waiting to be shipped?

  7. My bad….I didn’t read below the details. I kept reading and found out you don’t have to buy the cards between the 25th-28th, you just have to place the shipment order on those dates. Great deal COMC!! Thanks for such an awesome deal.

  8. THANK YOU for the awesome special and for all of your hard work!

    I set my account to AUTOMATICALLY ACCEPT ALL OFFERS (up to 50% off), so that others can take advantage of this special. Place any offer on any of my cards, and you will instantly win it.

    I will keep my account settings at auto-accept 50% for the duration of this special.

    This year I am especially thankful for! Thanks to everyone (sellers, buyers and workers) who helps to make it an awesome site!

  9. Sweet deal, thanks COMC!

    In regards to :

    – Packages shipped securely without sleeves

    Does that mean no penny sleeves or no top-loaders?

    Might hold out until after the sale if it’s no penny sleeves…
    Hate to have 20+ cards rubbing against each other in transit. 🙁

    • Yes, the special is packaged without penny sleeves. You can choose the standard shipping if you would like the cards packaged with penny sleeves. You don’t need to wait until after the special is over.

  10. I took advantage of the $0.10 shipping and ordered a bunch of cards to be shipped. My question is now how do I get the $10 Off Processing coupon? Will it come with the cards when shipped, or is there a code to find somewhere I include with the cards I send to be processed? Thanks for the help!

  11. Are you planning to have pre-Christmas shipping specials?

    The Thanksgiving shipping specials really seemed to increase sales activity as well.

    • We might do a discount on priority or express shipping as Christmas gets closer, but we are totally booked with with the 30,000+ cards we have left to ship.

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