DDearing launches 50-days-till-Christmas sale

It’s been exactly six months since Dan Dearing passed $100,000 in total book value listed. The ddearing account has quadrupled that figure since then, making Dearing the top seller on COMC.

But that’s not the only news surrounding this account.

As of this morning, Dearing’s ad in the December issue of Beckett Football Card Monthly has come to fruition. Starting today, the sale price on his entire inventory of approximately 100,000 cards will be reduced by 1 percent daily until they reach 99% off Beckett Value on Christmas Eve. (They are all priced at 50 percent off today.)

No offers will be accepted, but the prices will be dropped 1 percent each day.

Happy shopping as the holidays approach!

47 thoughts on “DDearing launches 50-days-till-Christmas sale

  1. wow, stud move DD. quick question, what about your stuff that is not beckett price (low numbered stuff)?

  2. Sounds almost like a game of chicken.
    Gotta admire the balls it takes to do this. Be nice to know what he nets out at
    the end. I doubt that he will have much left by the time he gets to 5%, but many
    things won’t actually move till it gets to somewhere between 10 and 20%
    And, you have to wonder what the price guide will do to reflect all the sales at the
    lower levels. Be “funny” if you see a ton of down arrows on everything sold in the guide.

    • That would have happened by now if that were the case. This is the one time of the year where these antics will not change the perception of a card’s value, because demand is highest at Christmastime.

      I, along with countless others I am sure, am here with an open wallet to scoop up cards so the market at large does not have to “make an adjustment.”

  3. I do not understand not accepting offers. It seems penny-wise but pound foolish. For example, let’s say a card is down to 33% of book. I want the card, but need it at 30% of book. Normally, I would offer the 30% and wait for a decision. Instead, I have to just wait for the price to come down. But let’s say I get distracted, and forget I wanted this card (or, just, change my mind). Eight days later, someone else gets the card for 25% of book, when the seller could have sold it for 30% of book and collected the money over a week ago. Does it make sense to gamble that someone else will want the card at 32% or 31%? Or is it smarter to just take the 30% when it is offered? Is there really so much traffic on this site that the gamble pays off? In a marketplace with so much competition, I’d be shocked if it does.

  4. Impressive. You the man. You must have a large family and long Christmas list. Best of luck to you in this endeavor. I would do the same thing, but hey I don’t have very many cards for sale and I wouldn’t be able to cover the cost of the ad in Beckett with my proceeds.

    • It’s already making a difference for me. This is the definition of mutually beneficial. This is like when the mall’s anchor has a big sale — even the food court benefits.

  5. Thanks for the words of support. This is a fun experiment/gamble, but it will be interesting to see how it plays out. The cards with no book value are also decreasing at the same rate as the rest of the portfolio. I am not leaving COMC. I am just turning over the inventory and trying to help out the site in the process. I will build it back up.

    For those of you wondering why things don’t all look uniform in discount, I have been having trouble with the bulk price editor each time I have tried to change the prices, but I expect this will be fixed. It’s a bit much for the system to change 100,000 prices at once, but I expect this will get easier once there are less cards in the account.

    Also, I am running a little sales prediction contest that you can read about and respond to here: http://www.blowoutcards.com/forums/spam-your-ebay-comc-listings-here-photobucket-sportslots-etc/103601-inventory-liquidation-sale-comc.html

  6. Great idea Dan, good luck with the sale…
    I have my eye on a few as we speak! 😉
    Sadly however most will go right back up to just under book when adam2033 get’s his hands on them.

  7. I am loading up waiting to pull the trigger on a boat load of cards, I am noticing the cards are not changing in percentage in any type of order. Will this smooth out as time goes on.
    Some are staying at the previous days price.

    • With Dan’s 100,000+ cards, he hit some limitations with our bulk price editing tool. We fixed the issue and the prices are now decreasing consistently.

  8. Are prices still not updating correctly. I was looking at a specific player yesterday morning, 83% off (17 days until Christmas) but then I noticed about half the players cards were 81% off. Checked back today and no change, 83/81 instead of all being 84%.

    • DDearing has been doing his best to use the Bulk Price Editing tool to drop his prices, and this has put our server under additional stress that it was not architected for. This has required us making server changes a few times to handle the mass price changes, and had slowed DDearings ability to adjust his prices a couple times. I believe we have everything working enough to support the last couple weeks of his sale.

    • Your post wasn’t deleted. It just wasn’t approved yet. When new people post to the comments, we need to approve them first. Most comments are just spambots. We review them first just to keep the blog clean.

  9. I was just wondering why some of the cards from ddearing went back up to full price and the Christmas discount is not over with yet. Is the price goin back down to what ever the discount precent was. just wondering so i can decide to purchase cards. thanks

  10. I just added a few discounted cards from his port into my shopping cart and the discount disappeared. What happened? All the cards are at full book price once I put them in my cart. And some of the cards in the port aren’t discounted at all (like the Murray RC).

  11. yeah, just wondering what the deal is, seeing cards back at 100% of book. let us know. great idea and site…..

  12. Is the sale over? Everything is at 100%.I hope this is a glitch in the system and not something else…

  13. looks like his inventory is slowly increasing by batch to full BV, starting with the most expensive items… hopefully this is a one day hitch up and then everything will be reset down to the 12% value it should be at tomorrow.

  14. It is the responsibility of this site to give a reason why this sale has not proceeded as it was originally intended.

  15. Oh great, pending port sale. So much for finishing a bunch of sets I was looking to complete….

  16. “The DDearing account has a pending port sale, so all of his cards appear at full price.” Can this be explained Please?

  17. I’m confused, how can you advertise a huge sale then end it early due to a pending port sale? The add states no offers will be excepted, first come first serve basically. Why wasn’t this option available to others? Why isn’t the buyer of the port sale buying cards at the discounted percent as everyone else?

    • To answer your question the buyer intended to add all the cards in the shopping cart which obviously timed out. The transaction was attempted and Dan was contacted through the forums so he listed all at full book to have the site attempt it. This transpired on the weekend while we were not in the office. Again our apologies for the delay in sale.

      Jeff Maeda
      General Manager

  18. Your Ddearing sale was handled really poorly. Left us hanging for 2 days before you told us what was going on. All prices went back up and you didn’t say anything until last night. Why advertise this and then pull the plug? You probably drew many people to the site, they along with everyone else bookmarked cards to watch, and then this. Why would new people come back? This should have run to its conclusion. When the buyer re-lists these – it will basically be a bait and switch!

    • Hi Peter,

      It was not our intent to leave anyone hanging, and to clarify it was Dan Dearings sale that he had advertised in Beckett that we did a write-up in the blog. This is not our sale but we are doing our best to have it run smoothly. As mentioned in our last blog if anyone needs to facilitate a buy out of the portfolio at the marked price it is available and you can contact the office for assistance.

  19. Even worse than selling us the cards at 83% off or better discount would be that DDearing had a reputation to keep up. Now that his advertised special is a “false advertising” special, this will not bode well, should he continue on this web site. I had a pending cart full of items, just waiting to pull the trigger for the right timing…and kaboom..all gone.

  20. I’m also shocked that COMC would let this happen, they don’t gain any profit from letting a sale happen but except the negative feedback this provides to all of there other customers. A lot of upset buyers due to a pending port sale. Great site, but this should have been thought about before letting this happen!

    • Prices are going back down to 87%..Really??..I gotta ask,Why would someome buy this port now? All the good stuff is gone,theres just alot of inserts and low end autos and tons of base cards left? Im sure theres a substantial investment on ddearings part but not much there for a collector at this point..Or even a flipper to buy the whole port because there are alot of cards you could never sell at a profit.

      • Hi Marc,

        I must say that before working here I would agree with you. However I now realize that a card that may sit in someones dime box for a lifetime has a chance to sell for a dollar on the site.

        Thanks for your comments,


    • Hello,

      It was always a thought that a portfolio sale could potentially happen, the attempt was much earlier than expected and obviously caused much feelings of upset and confusion. One positive from this is that we are 100% sure that we need to make changes on the site to handle all of the traffic. We apologize for all of the delays and website errors, new improvements will happen very soon. Thank you again for all of your support.

      Jeff Maeda
      General Manager

    • They are? I am seeing only a very small percent that are 87% off, probably less than 10% of his cards and 87% isn’t even the correct percent off, last time I checked Dec. 25 is in 11 days

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  23. Though I’m a little disappointed that the sale is ending a week early, and I was a little frustrated with the glitches from time to time, I’d like to weigh in with a great big “THANK YOU” to both COMC and Dan Dearing for one awesome sale. Some folks seem to act like they are somehow OWED these incredible deals. All of us who took part got some great prices on cards that we collect, and I, for one, appreciate all the efforts.


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