Congrats to Tim Lincecum

2007 Ultimate Collection #124 - Tim Lincecum AU RC (Rookie Card)/299 - Courtesy of
Congratulations to Tim Lincecum for making it to the World Series and being the probable starter for game 1.

Tim Lincecum went to the University of Washington and was born in Bellevue, WA. Our office is technically in Redmond, WA, but we are 1 block from the border of Bellevue.

I just looked up some stats and realized that of the 100 players with the most book value worth of cards on our site, Tim Lincecum has sold the highest percentage. If you visit our Top Players page and select Sold % from the Sort By dropdown, this is what you will find.

If you have any Lincecum cards you want to sell, it looks like our site is a great place to do that.

One thought on “Congrats to Tim Lincecum

  1. Hey Guys, this doesnt really pertain to Lincecum but recently I thought of a few tweeks/additions and figured id throw them out there…

    First of which would be adding the odds of pulling something to the header of a specific search… For instance, you search say Ultra Stars (was in insert in Ultra Basketball in the 90) and maybe on top the page or when you click a certain player from that set, It would have the Name of the Set 1998-99 Ultra Stars (1:144 packs) or whatever the case may be… I know theres been a few times when Ive saw an old insert i liked back in the day, and had i known it was a case hit or maybe known it was a tougher pull than had anticipated, then I probably would have swooped it… not a huge deal obviously, but would be a nice addition for both buyers and sellers.

    and the other, this is kind of a more personal preference not sure there will be much interest aside from me, in somethin like this or not… but my other addition would be some sort of folders (that you can label) for dividing cards that are not for sale. I know i personally I have a few side projects goin on, and it would be nice to have a nice folder to divide these things… basically its all cards that will end up getting shipped home, but for instance, im working on a 1988-89 Fleer Basketball set, where ill buy a single or two i need for the set here and there, plus i stash the cards i would send home for grading, then theres just the misc, stuff marked not for sale… would be cool, if i could create a folder for my set cards, create a folder for my cards i want to be graded, etc… I think i see the downside to this though, and thats probably why it wasnt created in the first place… but wishful thinkin around here doesnt seem to hurt!!

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