10¢ Shipping on 10-10-10

The date on Sunday is 10-10-10. So we thought it would be fitting to offer a 10¢ shipping special.

This  special is 33% better than our regular bulk shipping special. So take advantage of this rare opportunity. Be sure to use your account to place your shipment request with the Special shipping option by 11:59 PM on Sunday.

This Sunday (10-10-2010) from 12:01 AM to 11:59 PM (PST), customers will be able to ship their first 40 cards for only $10. Each additional card is just 10¢ more.
– Cards will be shipped out by Wednesday, October 20th
– Graded, Encased or Jumbo cards are each $1 extra
– Orders shipped outside the US are $10 extra
– Account required

6 thoughts on “10¢ Shipping on 10-10-10

    • Cause I had to pick some numbers, and those were the ones that I chose. Standard shipping for 40 cards is $12.75. This is a $2.75 discount on the first 40 cards, and a crazy good discount on everything after that. I just wanted to pick some numbers that went with the 10-10-10 theme.

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