Website glitch yesterday

Some of you may have noticed some odd behavior on the website around 2PM PST Sunday. There was about 15-30 minutes where you all shared the same shopping cart.

Sorry about that, I was making a performance improvement to how our shopping cart and offer system works, and my initial code change wasn’t complete.

Everything should be working fine now, but feel free to contact us if you think you see any quirky behavior.

On a separate note… On Friday evening I made the largest single website update ever to Check Out My Cards. The update affected more than 50 different source files. Those of you that are regulars to COMC might have noticed the change. If you think you noticed something different, please drop a comment. I will be writing more about the change later this week.

Update Monday @ 5:30 PM

Several people have commented about cards that were added to the site over the weekend not being searchable. I tracked down the issue and it is now fixed.

The root cause of the issue was independent from any of the changes listed above. We recently got in some 1987 Garbage Pail Kids cards that were not listed in Beckett. So we got permission to use data from another site, but the data was in a format that ended up not working nicely for generating URLs. When we tried to push the data to the site on Friday evening, that ended up causing the website to fail to add any new items to the search cache. This is why new items added over the weekend were not showing up. We manually changed the data so that it would work for URLs, and we are in the process of making a fix that will prevent this from ever happening again.

18 thoughts on “Website glitch yesterday

  1. Has there been any glitches in the bulk editor? I have not been able to use it since Oct 2 as the login screen takes me to the website and not the editor.

  2. Thought something was odd ….purchased some hockey and relisted them …they come up when you put the player’s name in but when I go to my site they are not listed or pictured.
    It is still doing this.

  3. I am having issues with newly consigned cards which posted to the site on Friday eveing. New cards which have not been previously listed on COMC show up on My Dashboard but do not show up through website searches. I reported the problem to COMC via email on Friday night and received a repsonse from staff late Sunday night saying there was no problem. There is still a problem I responded with a full description and some example listings this morning.

    • Same here. I had a small batch of 10 cards post to my account on Friday night. Only 2 of the 10 are showing up in the searches. When I click on them from My Dashboard they say invalid url. So something is obviously screwed up. I also emailed them yesterday and have yet to hear back.

  4. I too am having problems with newly consigned cards which posted Friday evening. Some show up and some don’t. As Kevin T. noted, it seems that cards that had not previously been listed on COMC do not show up at all anywhere on the site. Also, if you try to look up cards under a seller’s name, as I did for “serendipity”, only about a page of newly listed cards shows up out of a batch of 485. I was just waiting for Monday to see if it would right itself. I can give you specific card examples if that would help.

  5. I had a batch that processed on Friday that isn’t showing up. Basically, if you go to my seller page and click recently added, only one card from the batch shows up. If you search for the cards individually, some cards show up but most don’t. The difference between the visible and invisible cards were as follows: The one card that shows up in my inventory is a card I already had a copy of on the site (ellsbury 52 chrome). The cards that show up in searches are cards that are not new to the site. There is currently or has previously been another copy on the site. Cards new to the site aren’t showing up. My batch was less than 100 cards, so it should be pretty easy to use it to debug and test. The cards were processed early (I think they were due today), but if they aren’t correctly showing up by the due date, I do expect a refund of processing fees. Thanks.

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  7. I can set a price of more than 95% off if the card was bought from another user, but if it is a card that I added to the site, I cannot. It’s not a big deal either way, because we all play by the same rules, but that is different from what we had before.

    • Here is how the code works:
      – If your asking price is greater than 95% off, your asking price is good.
      – If the Book Value is between $5 and $10 and your asking price is $0.25 or more, your asking price is good.
      – Otherwise, the asking price is not allowed.

      It doesn’t actually look at whether you gave us the card or purchased it.

  8. The problems have been going on all day and have yet to be fixed, New cards that were added to the site have yet to appear in searches. Hopefully the problem gets fixed soon.

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