Website glitch yesterday

Some of you may have noticed some odd behavior on the website around 2PM PST Sunday. There was about 15-30 minutes where you all shared the same shopping cart.

Sorry about that, I was making a performance improvement to how our shopping cart and offer system works, and my initial code change wasn’t complete.

Everything should be working fine now, but feel free to contact us if you think you see any quirky behavior.

On a separate note… On Friday evening I made the largest single website update ever to Check Out My Cards. The update affected more than 50 different source files. Those of you that are regulars to COMC might have noticed the change. If you think you noticed something different, please drop a comment. I will be writing more about the change later this week.

Update Monday @ 5:30 PM

Several people have commented about cards that were added to the site over the weekend not being searchable. I tracked down the issue and it is now fixed.

The root cause of the issue was independent from any of the changes listed above. We recently got in some 1987 Garbage Pail Kids cards that were not listed in Beckett. So we got permission to use data from another site, but the data was in a format that ended up not working nicely for generating URLs. When we tried to push the data to the site on Friday evening, that ended up causing the website to fail to add any new items to the search cache. This is why new items added over the weekend were not showing up. We manually changed the data so that it would work for URLs, and we are in the process of making a fix that will prevent this from ever happening again.