Sign up to test account upgrades

The site now has built in support for account upgrades, and you can start testing them.

Just log into your account and click on the My Account Upgrades link. This is what you will find.

Once you have chosen one of the Test Memberships, you will be able to edit your Minimum Offer Amount, Minimum Offer Percentage, or Auto-Accept Offer Percentage.

At 12:01 AM PST on the first day of each month, we charge storage fees and account upgrade fees. You are invited to try out these new test options and let us know what you think.

28 thoughts on “Sign up to test account upgrades

  1. Question:

    Does the monthly processing credit/coupon carry over to other months? For example if I upgrade tonight I assume that September storage fee’s of cards under .49 cents will be waived.
    Thanks Guys,


    • Good question. This is not retroactive. The option applies to the fees that will be charged in the upcoming month. The coupons will expire on the 15th of the following month. There will be about a 2 week window where you will be able to double up on the coupons.

  2. Just curious why I have to pay storage fees on cards you won’t let me price below a certain price range. I know I have $6 and $8 cards that aren’t gonna sell hardly ever and I would rather get rid of them and sit comfortably at 25 cents than pay a storage fee…

    • Mark them 95% off and someone will buy them. I’ve financed the deposit of thousands of cards flipping these.

      • I was not aware that you can price cards with a BV over $5 down to 25 cents. Whenever I try to do it I get an error saying I must ask at least 50 cents. I echo Powerfam’s remarks.

      • This was the first time I had heard of this issue. Thanks for the feedback. I will update the site later tonight so that it lets you set prices to $0.25 if the Book Value is $10 or less.

    • Still not fixed. I’ve gritted my teeth a few months now building up to my post. Is there any kinda payback I should be expecting since it is now the first of the month and storage fees will be charged once again. I have also e-mailed you guys to seperate the 1980’s M&M’s baseball cards I have in my collection as they are most likely to sell easier individually. I know they won’t be as worth as much, but I understand the risk. I’m not trying to be a pain in the ass. I really enjoy your site and reccommend it to others on a weekly basis! (no lie). I also have a friend who works for e-bay and says you guys have spiked their business in that department on an unmeasurable finanicial scale!!!

  3. i’ve been emailing you for 3 weeks now asking you to correct your double charge of my last shipment on the 50. flat rate special when i sent in 550 cards and you charged me 100.00. i’am paying monthly rent, i’ve agreed to the 50. a month upgrade i don’t see why you can’t answer emails and correct this problem in less than 3 weeks.

  4. So i am a little confused i am interested in the $100 level but it wont take affect till next month correct? and do i pay up front or on the first of the month or does it come out the month after lmk so i can make up my mind, also will this end at the first of next year and if so why??

    • The upgrade takes effect immediately. You don’t have to pay anything until 12:01 AM on the first day of each month. That is the same time that we charge storage fees. If you opt in to a membership, it will change your reduced storage fees and charge you the corresponding account upgrade fee. We then send coupons to each account owner that just paid for an upgraded account. You can switch back to a basic account at any time.

      These particular incarnations of account upgrades will be offered for the next three monthly fee cycles (Oct. 1st, Nov. 1st, and Dec. 1st). Later this year we will announce what the details will be for the upgrades we offer starting Jan. 1st.

      • So i am not real sure that it would be to the best for me to select one of the above upgraded accounts so i opt in on the $100 to see how many cards were still due to receive storage fees but it did not upgrade them. It still only had all cards .25 and under as free storage,why is this or is it not in the system like that.

      • Great catch… This is why it it still a “Test Upgrade”. I fixed the site so that it now shows the correct results in Manage Inventory when using the “Only cards subject to storage fees” filter.

  5. we don’t even have but 1 card shop dealer in town and he doesn’t even carry 550 count boxes how am i supposed to send them in a 550 count box? you are charging me double for 550 cards because i sent them in 2 boxes while you are now allowing others to send theirs in in other size boxes? i don’t understand that at all. i tried to support you and send cards in on your offer that otherwise were not worth it to me to send in and this is how you rip me off. it said 50 flat rate right on the boxes and they totalled 550 cards why would i send them in 2 boxes on a special so i would be charged 110 that is insane.

    • Because the promotion said to send them in 550-count boxes. It has nothing to do with the number of cards. I bought mine from if you’re looking for a deal. Much cheaper than the LCS and free shipping for orders over $100.

    • sportsheroes, Sorry you didn’t understand how the special worked. We sent you multiple emails and called you, but this is your only response to us. We can change your order to just be a standard order. We will be calling you again tomorrow to try to take care of this.

  6. i’am switching back to a basic account in case it didn’t go thru here please change it as i am sick of being ripped off enough already for 1 day.

  7. Tim,

    I believe Sportsheroes is correct in reference to the 550 batch and sending in two boxes. It states on your site and I quote:
    “If you don’t have 550ct boxes, we will transfer your cards into 550ct boxes when they arrive.”
    This was obviously stated to accomadate the sellers.
    Personally, I think the email issue or rather communication issues are escalating. I have spoken to Jeff about this and ongoing problems for months now. Going to the next phase in your business you need to make sure the systems that are currently in place are working. Once again, appreciate the services that are provided and look forward to seeing the business grow. Adam

    • Thank you for the feedback. We have been making a dedicated effort to improve customer service and responsiveness, and we will continue to increase our investments there.

      Regarding recent issues with the site, that is probably me. As you can see from the recent blog posts we have added a lot of new features to the site. Often I have to take parts of the site down to add new features or fix bugs. The only alternative is for me to take the entire site down in the middle of the night to make major updates. I have had to do that several times the last few weeks, but I try to avoid doing too much of that for my own sanity.

      I apologized for the intermittent issues you have encountered. I am actually working on an improvement right now that will hopefully allow me to make updates without causing as many disruptions.

  8. It is interesting to read the comments above and see how quickly things are responded to… the simple fact that there is a forum to make these comments speaks volumes for the site. I am a relative newcomer with only around 300 cards listed (most of these purchased for my personal collection). I love the site and have been recommending it to others on card sites that I frequent. There is not a better venue than this one…. The inappropriate comments above are simple venting from someone that cannot follow directions… a grain of salt is in order there…there are certainly no black eyes in my opinion. I look forward to shipping more cards out to you soon and thank you for the specials that you set up and offer.. Keep up the great work!!

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