What is wrong with this?

Thanks to some hard work by Brent Unruh, we have made a significant upgrade to our correction request system. When you click on the Wrong data? or Send Correction Request links, you will now see something that looks like this.

This will help you easily give us more helpful information for tracking down errors, and in turn, this should significantly increase our ability to correct errors on the website more quickly.

25 thoughts on “What is wrong with this?

  1. “Asking price is too high” is asking for trouble. Should you receive too many of these requests from users who think the price is too high solely because they think it is, then please consider removing it, for your own sake πŸ™‚

    • 1993 America's Best Prototype #SO - Shaquille O'Neal/7500 - Courtesy of CheckOutMyCards.comWe can add and remove items from this list at any time. I expect that we won’t do anything with the “Asking price too high” notifications at first. If we get enough complaints by enough different users, we might start notifying sellers. I am thinking this might be useful for identifying cards that have no book price but are way overpriced. Sometimes these are typos, and the seller just missed a decimal point.

  2. Like the new setup ….agree on “Asking price is to high” tag …..that one is trouble in the making.

    • I also agree that is not a good tag idea, u will have sooooo many lowballers who dont have anything better to do just sending u a bunch of junk mail on that 1!

  3. I would like to see a notation regarding source of pricing, if not Beckett.
    Pricing should be timely relative to date of the listing. Since the prices
    are not kept up to date if they are not slaved to Beckett, the date of
    source material is relevant too.

    A guide price for the ungraded card, assuming available, and properly
    noted that it is for the ungraded version, would be of use too.

    Asking price is too high is not needed. Simply put, if they ask too much it
    won’t sell and people are allowed to be as stupid/greedy as they like as it is
    their card. It may pay to have you add a confirmation of the price they are
    asking process if the percentage is too high or low relative to guide, assuming
    you use absolute pricing instead of percentage of guide pricing.

    • The user Kane sets his prices really high. I think it is because he is using COMC to tell people, “Hey, COMC!” rather than to sell them.

  4. I agree with the aforementioned that the “Item is priced too high” is not needed and should be done away with.

    I also don’t like this new feature showing the original owner of a card. Why was that added and for what reason? There is no need for it.

    • I have to agree, there is no good that can come for the sellers who are flipping cards when it is known they are flipping. I can see sales on some come to a standstill or counter after counter offer going back and forth. With the 100 responses to prospective changes this one was never even mentioned and just showed up this morning. I hope you can make this a seller only view on the dashboard just like when you can see the prices of cards that have been purchased. Good deals are always going to happen and I have to think the mystery behind it is better for all. The big guns who have their whole inventory of flipped cards might suffer the most with this update.

    • Yea …. I was wondering the same thing with this feature of original owener

      Don’t much care for it either ….what difference does it make – who owned the card before???

    • I also agree with that. Why in the world does anyone need to know if the card is being flipped u will only get lowball offers on them cards and people that cant stand us flippers are more likley not to buy it they possibly know the cards is being sold for another profit

    • Not sure what “original owner” feature you guys are referring to. πŸ˜‰

      I will give the Asking Price Too High option a little bit of time. If it gets abused, we will remove it. If it turns out to be valuable, we will keep it. It is super easy for us to flip a switch to make it visible or not.

  5. Thanx for correcting that little feature …..have to agree on the newest feature ….luv seeing what I payed for and what it sold for…

    Thanx again!!

  6. Not a fan of the original owner feature that just showed up recently. I am the original owner of many newer overproduced or older damaged/worn cards that I listed and sold quickly for appropriate (inexpensive) prices. Now my name is attached to cards that other sellers are asking outrageous prices for. Makes me feel like an accessory to misdemeanor extortion when all I was trying to do was move largely unappealing cards at very low prices. If other sellers want to buy my dirt cheap cards at dirt cheap prices that’s fine, but I want to be done with the cards at that point, as opposed to having my name attached to cards indefinitely. Thanks for listening, paying attention, reading the feedback, etc. Very well run site.

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