Flippin’ upgrade

One of the ways that I most enjoy using Check Out My Cards is to flip cards. Many of the consignment sellers on the site are looking to move their inventory very quickly, so they ask extremely low prices.

I really enjoy basketball, so I often find my self watching games, following the news, and buying cards of players that I like. In some cases I am just prospecting that a rookie will do well, but in others I know there is demand for a player and his/her cards are underpriced. I usually stick to buying cards that I wouldn’t mind keeping if they never sell, but I nearly always relist the cards for sale in case someone else wants them.

One of the things that always annoyed me was that I could never remember what I paid for a card, and when the sales came in, I couldn’t tell how much of a profit was made.

Thanks to some crafty engineering, we now track the previous purchase price whenever a card sells. Whenever you flip a card, you can now find the price that you paid for it on the dashboard and in your sales history.

Batch #’s
For those of you that use our consignment service, we have standardized on using our internal batch # for tracking all consignment batches. The website now reflects that new batch number, and that is the same batch number referenced by the bulk price editing tool. When you download your sales history, it will now include this batch number for items you submitted on consignment. You can use this data to better analyze your sales. If you are familiar with Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access, you should be able to generate reports that show you how much sales you have had from each consignment batch. If you are tracking how much you paid for these batches, this could be very helpful information for making future business decisions.

6 thoughts on “Flippin’ upgrade

  1. Love the new upgrade. Glad to see COMC is striving for excellence and continuing to make this great site even better.

  2. This is prolly one of my fav. upgrades YET!!!! Thanks guys this site just keeps getting better and better!

  3. Is it possible to allow us to choose the number of sales shown per page similar to the 10/20/100 option in the manage inventory section? And I would still love to see the store credit history keep a running total amount. It would make it much easier to track weekly and monthly sales.

  4. One feature I would love to see on the site would be the ability to search within your sales if you wanted to look for a certain card or set.

    • We have heard this a couple times, and we will see what we can do. Unfortunately this may not be a trivial feature because we would have to search across 10 times as much data to look throw the sales history. If we add this, we need to do it in a way that won’t monopolize our server resources.

      The workaround for the time being is to download your sales history into Excel and search from there.

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