Emails are working properly again!

Our apologies for the lack of email responses on our end the past few days. The reason was, unfortunately, that we weren’t receiving many of your emails due to our server being overloaded. This issue has been resolved. So if there’s any way you can re-send pertinent emails, we’d appreciate it so that any lingering issues can get resolved.

Thanks from the COMC staff!

4 thoughts on “Emails are working properly again!

  1. Received my “Daily Summary” and “Make A Offer” emails, no problem. Haven’t received any emails in the past few weeks on purchases though …..hopefully now I will.

    Thanx for the update!

    • A few weeks ago we started sending the daily summary instead of the individual emails for each sale. This was to cut down on all the email traffic. The issue we experienced recently was bounced emails when people would send email to us. The error was something like “452 4.3.1 Insufficient system resources”. Please call us or us our Contact Us form if you encounter such issues in the future.

      • Ahhhh …..ok …..thought it was something with AOL again, or some other little quirk that tends to pop up on occassion …

        Once again, thanx for the update and will let you know if something of an issue surfaces.

  2. I was wondering what the deal was. Tim, I sent an email to you on an issue with a redemption I never got. thanks

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