$50 Flat Rate Processing Special

COMC.com is running a $50 Flat Rate Processing Special.

$50 for a 550-count box of up to five different products for five-week processing

– Packages must be postmarked no later than October 15th
– Boxes must be clearly marked with your user name and “$50 Flat Rate”
– Boxes must be no larger than 10″ x 3 3/4″ x 2 3/4″
– No more than 5 different products* per box
– No more than 600 cards per box
– There is no limit to the number of 550ct boxes you send us
– Follow the instructions for how to ship to us

* A product would be something like 2009 Topps football. Any of the inserts and parallels included in 2009 Topps football are counted as part of that product. 2008 Topps football and 2009 Topps baseball would each be counted as additional products. You can give us up to 5 different products in one flat rate box.

Shipping Suggestion
You can fit three 550ct boxes nicely in a medium size priority box, and it only costs $10.70 for postage. Be sure to fill any excess space with padding.

Thank you for all of your Support!

25 thoughts on “$50 Flat Rate Processing Special

      • I’ve built up a $1400 balance on COMC for just this type of promotion. Bless your hearts!

      • Hey Tim,
        I don’t have any 550 count boxes but do have 400 and 300. Would it be fair to assume I could box up 550 cards across a few boxes and still qualify for the special?

      • I think I’ve figured it out… correct me if I am wrong.

        It’s only what “I Can Fit” into a 550 count box. Unfortunately most cards are now printed on thicker stock. I have some 07/08 Topps Moments and Milestones cards. Only about 360 would fit into a 550 count box. Regular processing is just a few bucks more. I guess it shaves 3 weeks off but…

        How would I handle not having 550 count boxes?

        Wish my cards I had to send off were “thinner” 🙁

  1. If I could send that many cards to the US for that low a cost, I’d be sending cards on a regular basis. The biggest problem with shipping from Canada is it costs a fortune. I sent 52 cards regular air mail and it cost me almost $7.00. On average, it cost’s at least .10 cents per card to ship from canada to the US. So if you use the standard processing, you are already having to charge at least .25 cents a card to to break even on cost.

    If anyone knows of a more economical way to ship cards from Canada (Nova Scotia) to COMC, please let me know.


    • Do you have a surface or ground option? Stateside, the post office offers parcel post, which goes on a truck. UPS and FedEx both offer ground options. It sounds like your higher rate could be because it goes on a plane. That said, I’ve read that the U.S. has the cheapest postal rates in the world, so it makes sense that it would be hard to compete 🙂

  2. Rats..wish I’d of seen this before I sent my cards off yesteday! Would of saved me 8 bucks per batch and gotten them listed three weeks sooner!

  3. Seriously. I just mailed 4000 cards in the last 24 hours. If I would have waited a day, it would have saved me about $200 and gotten the cards listed faster.

    Nice Promo though. Thanks.

  4. how do we put the promo sent cards into the system?…it still only shows the 1, 3, or 8 week processing…i shipped a batch off yesterday and cant figure out how to put them into the system

    • We are working on an update to that. For now you can just select the 8 week option. As long as “$50 Flat Rate” is written on the box, it will get in the system correctly.

  5. Will sets like 2005 Bowman, Bowman Draft, and Bowman Chrome be considered the same set?

    Awesome promo!! Will be sending in cards soon.

    • If they were never packaged in the same product, then they would not count as the same product. I know that for some years Bowman Chrome were just inserts in regular Bowman. If 2005 Bowman and 2005 Bowman Draft were never sold together, they are two different products.

    • The 2005 Bowman and 2005 Bowman Chrome sets are separate sets and the cards are numbered with only numbers. The 2005 Bowman Draft Picks sets is both regular Bowman and Bowman Chrome. The difference is that the Draft sets are numbered BDP###

      • 2008 Topps baseball–I have a Campaign 2008 card, mickey mantle hr card, year in review, own the game card, 50th anniversary all-star rookie card, and a Limited Edition 57 yrs of collecting card. are they all considered topps 2008 or all different sets?

  6. What are the chances we can get a special for some of the average joes on the site? Deals like these specialize for guys opening cases or sending in a ton of base. It’s a solid deal, just tough for us looking to send in random stuff (and I understand obviously that multiple of the same set is less work for you guys)

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  8. If it is something like 2009 Topps Series 1 and Series 2 Would that be considered one item? They were not packaged together but they are listed under one tab on this site.

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