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The site now has built in support for account upgrades, and you can start testing them.

Just log into your account and click on the My Account Upgrades link. This is what you will find.

Once you have chosen one of the Test Memberships, you will be able to edit your Minimum Offer Amount, Minimum Offer Percentage, or Auto-Accept Offer Percentage.

At 12:01 AM PST on the first day of each month, we charge storage fees and account upgrade fees. You are invited to try out these new test options and let us know what you think.

Flippin’ upgrade

One of the ways that I most enjoy using Check Out My Cards is to flip cards. Many of the consignment sellers on the site are looking to move their inventory very quickly, so they ask extremely low prices.

I really enjoy basketball, so I often find my self watching games, following the news, and buying cards of players that I like. In some cases I am just prospecting that a rookie will do well, but in others I know there is demand for a player and his/her cards are underpriced. I usually stick to buying cards that I wouldn’t mind keeping if they never sell, but I nearly always relist the cards for sale in case someone else wants them.

One of the things that always annoyed me was that I could never remember what I paid for a card, and when the sales came in, I couldn’t tell how much of a profit was made.

Thanks to some crafty engineering, we now track the previous purchase price whenever a card sells. Whenever you flip a card, you can now find the price that you paid for it on the dashboard and in your sales history.

Batch #’s
For those of you that use our consignment service, we have standardized on using our internal batch # for tracking all consignment batches. The website now reflects that new batch number, and that is the same batch number referenced by the bulk price editing tool. When you download your sales history, it will now include this batch number for items you submitted on consignment. You can use this data to better analyze your sales. If you are familiar with Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access, you should be able to generate reports that show you how much sales you have had from each consignment batch. If you are tracking how much you paid for these batches, this could be very helpful information for making future business decisions.

What is wrong with this?

Thanks to some hard work by Brent Unruh, we have made a significant upgrade to our correction request system. When you click on the Wrong data? or Send Correction Request links, you will now see something that looks like this.

This will help you easily give us more helpful information for tracking down errors, and in turn, this should significantly increase our ability to correct errors on the website more quickly.

Hottest Players & Top Players

A couple months ago we updated our seller stats. One of the suggestions was that we offer similar stats for players. Now you can find a bunch of player stats on the site.

Top 10 Players & Hottest 10 Players

When you click on the Players link at the top of any page, you will now find a list of the Top 10 Players as well as the 10 Hottest Selling Players. See below for more details on how hottest players are defined.

Top 100 Players

You can also drill down to see the Top 100 Players. This list is very similar to the Top Consignors list. You will find the total book value worth of cards we have received for the top 100 players, and we show you the average discount people are asking for each player. You will even find the total book value of the sold cards and the percentage sold based on book value.

Hottest 100 Players Per Sport

On the Players page you can drill in on any sport to see the 100 hottest selling players based on our special “Heat Index”. The heat index is a measure of how fast cards leave our warehouse on average. For the purpose of our hot list, a player is considered hotter if their cards take less time to sell. Some may look at this hot list and think of it as a list of players that are the most under priced on average. It is not a measure of how much money is spent on a player, it is purely how fast those cards move based on how the sellers are setting asking prices.

1963 Topps #126 - Bob Uecker - Courtesy of
Here you can see that Bob Uecker is one of the hottest selling players over the past year, but we haven’t seen enough of his cards for him to make the Top Players list.

We hope that you will find these lists to be helpful for determining what you might want to send to us on consignment or for getting ideas on what cards to buy.

We have added several features to the site the last couple weeks, and we have more that we are working on. Keep an eye out for more blog posts highlighting new features that have been added.

Testing New Services

Thank you for providing so much feedback on our potential changes post. We set a record for our blog with more than 100 comments. As you can see, we do things quite differently from other sites. Rather than just springing fees and changes on people, we try to work with you to provide the best service for everyone.

Rather than doing anything radical, we are going to test some new services for the next few months. Depending on their popularity and our costs, we will decide whether they will become permanent offerings.

Test Processing Services

In addition to all of our current processing services, we are offering the following services from now through the end of the year. Our fees page and the add cards page have been updated to include these test services.

1 Month Test
20¢ per card
+$3 per batch
Takes 4 weeks
Batches are split into 550ct boxes (10″ x 3 3/4″ x 2 3/4″)
If you don’t have 550ct boxes, we will transfer your cards into 550ct boxes when they arrive.
No graded, encased, or jumbo cards allowed
No coins or poker chips allowed
Simply write “1 Month Test” on the box
Packages must be postmarked by December 31st, 2010

Special Sized Test
75¢ per item
+$3 per batch of 50 items
Takes 3 weeks
This service is good for any graded, encased, or jumbo cards
Simply write “Special Sized Test” on the box
Packages must be postmarked by December 31st, 2010

Next Day Test
$2 per item
+$3 per batch of 50 items
Guaranteed next business day or it is only $0.50 per item
There is no extra fee for graded, encased, or jumbo cards
Be sure to write “Next Day Test” on the outside of the package so we know to start working on it immediately.
Packages must be postmarked by December 31st, 2010

Premium Seller Test Upgrades

The following upgrades will be available from now through the end of the year. Please contact us if you would like to opt in to either level.

$50 Level
– Costs $50 per month
– No storage fees for items with an asking price of $0.50 or less
– Monthly coupon for $25 off any processing service
– Additional seller options (e.g. adjustable minimum offer percentage & auto-accept offer percentage)

$100 Level
– Costs $100 per month
– No storage fees for items with an asking price of $1.00 or less
– Monthly coupon for $25 off any processing service
– Monthly coupon for $50 off “Next Day Test” processing
– Additional seller options (e.g. adjustable minimum offer percentage & auto-accept offer percentage)

Potential Changes – Feedback Wanted

In our continuing effort to provide the best service possible for our fellow collectors, we have come up with some new service offerings and changes. None of these are set in stone, so we would like to get your feedback. Please let us know if you have any objections or suggestions.

Potential Changes

New Overnight Processing Service
– $3 per batch + $2 per card (any size cards)
– Added to your account the day after the package arrives
– Must say “Overnight Processing” on the outside of the package

New Bulk Processing Service
– The $50 flat rate special is a beta test of a bulk processing service
– If it goes well, this could be added as a permanent offering

New Premium Seller Accounts
– Costs $100 per month
– Increases free storage from $0.25 to $1.00
– Additional seller options (e.g. adjustable minimum offer percentage & auto-accept offer percentage)
– Monthly coupon for $100 worth of Express or Overnight processing

Graded, Encased & Jumbo Card Changes
– We will begin referring to these as “Special Sized Cards”
– Processing fees will be cut in half for “Special Sized Cards”
– Processing decreased from $1 to $0.50 for Standard
– Processing decreased from $2 to $1 for Priority
– Processing decreased from $3 to $1.50 for Express
– Shipping decreased from $1 extra to $0.75 extra for Standard
– Shipping decreased from $1 extra to $0.50 extra for Bulk
– Coins will start being considered part of “Special Sized Cards”
1933 Goudey #181 - Babe Ruth RC (Rookie Card) SGC GRADED 60 - Courtesy of 2007 Topps Chrome Red Refractors Uncirculated #TC183 - Brandon Jackson/139 - Courtesy of 2007 Sportkings Autograph Gold #APRO - Pete Rose/10 - Courtesy of 1995-96 Finest Pro Bowl Jumbos Refractors #5 - Brett Favre - Courtesy of
1997 Pinnacle Mint Coins Gold-Plated #4 - Cal Ripken - Courtesy of 2005-06 Topps NBA Collector Chips Blue Foil #62 - LeBron James/299 - Courtesy of 1964 Topps Coins #63 - Orlando Cepeda - Courtesy of

Game Used & Autographed Card Changes
– We will be adding the ability for the site to easily search for game used and/or autographed cards.
– These cards take a lot longer for us to process, and they require additional care because they are easier to damage. Rather than cutting corners to reduce costs, we want to add a $0.10 surcharge that will cover the additional labor required to properly handle these cards and add the additional metadata required to make them searchable as game used and/or autographed cards.
– The $0.10 processing surcharge per game used or autographed card would affect any cards that are postmarked November 1st or later
2003 Leaf Certified Materials Fabric of the Game #15jy2 - Babe Ruth JY/1 - Courtesy of 2008 Topps Sterling Moments Relics Autographs Quad Sterling Silver #4SMA131 - Don Mattingly/1 - Courtesy of 2001-02 Upper Deck Flight Team Key Signatures #MJS - Michael Jordan/23 - Courtesy of

Cash-Out Fee Change
– Check fee decreased from $3 to $2 for US checks and from $10 to $9 for international checks.
– Any cash-out request for less than $200 cash will be considered a “small cash-out” and subject to the $1 “small cash-out fee”. This is an increase from the current $20 boundary.
– These changes are to combat the $0.40-$1.00 PayPal fees that we have to pay when sending cash-outs as mass payments to avoid additional fees on your end.

Cardsrus1 cracks top 10 list

Michael Wills, owner of the cardsrus1 account, recently cracked the top 10 list of consignors at He currently is seventh, with more than $200K in book value and an average card value of just under $10.

2005 Leaf Limited Lumberjacks Combos #37 - Ted Williams Bat-Jsy/10 - Courtesy of CheckOutMyCards.comWills has been a seller since early 2009 after finding us on the Blowout Cards forums.  His inventory consists mainly of hockey, baseball and football cards.

Now living in the college town of Bloomington, Illinois, Wills started collecting in 1974. The Oakland Athletics’ dominance in the early 1970s prompted this desire. He still considers them his favorite team, but also roots for the White Sox.

His day job is with an auto parts company, but Wills has been selling at card shows and online for about a decade. He has settled on COMC mostly for the following reason.

“It’s so much easier than eBay,” he said. “I can send you cards and don’t have to worry about doing all the work.”

2000 Vanguard #139 - Tom Brady RC (Rookie Card)/762 - Courtesy of 2007-08 ITG O Canada Jerseys Chicago #GUJ77 - Steve Yzerman/1 - Courtesy of

Emails are working properly again!

Our apologies for the lack of email responses on our end the past few days. The reason was, unfortunately, that we weren’t receiving many of your emails due to our server being overloaded. This issue has been resolved. So if there’s any way you can re-send pertinent emails, we’d appreciate it so that any lingering issues can get resolved.

Thanks from the COMC staff!

Check Out My Cold… huh?

I have to give kudos to my team for putting together a very creative “get well” card.

It definitely made my day. I have been bedridden all week with a bad cold, so this is what they sent me.

If you can’t read the subtitle, it ways “The safe and easy way to avoid work for a week!”

I do have to admit, this has been one of the best weeks to stay in bed. I am falling in love with watching tons of the 2010 FIBA World Championships. There is a lot of good basketball talent all over the world.

$50 Flat Rate Processing Special is running a $50 Flat Rate Processing Special.

$50 for a 550-count box of up to five different products for five-week processing

– Packages must be postmarked no later than October 15th
– Boxes must be clearly marked with your user name and “$50 Flat Rate”
– Boxes must be no larger than 10″ x 3 3/4″ x 2 3/4″
– No more than 5 different products* per box
– No more than 600 cards per box
– There is no limit to the number of 550ct boxes you send us
– Follow the instructions for how to ship to us

* A product would be something like 2009 Topps football. Any of the inserts and parallels included in 2009 Topps football are counted as part of that product. 2008 Topps football and 2009 Topps baseball would each be counted as additional products. You can give us up to 5 different products in one flat rate box.

Shipping Suggestion
You can fit three 550ct boxes nicely in a medium size priority box, and it only costs $10.70 for postage. Be sure to fill any excess space with padding.

Thank you for all of your Support!