COMC announces its National specials!

COMC can hardly wait for the 31st annual National Sports Collectors Convention next week in Baltimore. So that’s why we’re announcing our show specials a few days ahead of time!

4x4x4x4 special at 2248

In honor of the company’s 4th appearance at the National, we’re offering a special with the number 4 being the backbone of our theme. At the show, you can receive a special 400-count box with our company logo on top. (The exterior dimensions are 7” x 3 ¾” x 2 ¾”.) Put up to 4 different card products* in there for just $40 and we’ll get them processed within 4 weeks.

* A product would be something like 2009 Topps football. Any of the inserts and parallels included in 2009 Topps are counted as part of that product. You can give us up to 4 different product in one flat rate box.

Free shipping from 2248

Anyone wishing to drop off cards at our booth (2248) will receive free shipping, as we will be sending all batches via FedEx from Baltimore back to our office in Redmond, Washington at no charge. Additionally, we are also waiving the 5-cent fee for each card that is in a hard plastic of any kind (e.g. toploaders or screw downs). Feel free to drop off your cards from home or the cards you buy at the show. Our normal processing fees apply, but you won’t have to take the effort to package the cards or pay to ship them to us.

First time seller special

New sellers can get a $100 free Express service coupon simply by dropping by our booth (2248) or the booth in the corporate area.

Win Prizes!

Finally, COMC is proud to announce that over the course of the show’s five days, we will be giving away $2,000 worth of products and services. So if the above reasons aren’t enough to check out our booth, this one definitely should be!

Thanks for reading this, and we’ll see you in a few days!

11 thoughts on “COMC announces its National specials!

  1. Sonds like some pretty sweet deals. Wish I was able to make it to Baltimore to take advantage of them.

    • Once we get caught up with the specials that we are running at the national, we will see what we have time for before Thanksgiving. We hope to run another special before, but the details of that special will be dependent upon how the specials for the national go.

  2. I’ll be taking advantage of most of these AMAZING specials. Packing up my cards as we speak. May even stick a few in toploaders. See you guys in less than a week.

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  4. I am new to the site and thoroughly impressed with the features and benefits…. Putting together specials such as these only shows your commitment to the collectors and to the hobby itself. What a great service and opportunity for collectors. I cannot make it to Baltimore this year, but I look forward to meeting you guys next year!!

  5. Im ready for another $0.15 cent quick processing deal…Ive got boxes and boxes of stuff ready to ship…

    Give us a “Wish I was in Baltimore but I had to work” deal on new consignments…

  6. Cant make to National but hope to see a special for new sellers on the site soon.

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