2010 Q2 Stats: 1,000,000 Cards Sold

A few days ago we crossed a major milestone as a company. We have facilitated the sales of more than 1,000,000 cards that have been sent to us on consignment.

Other than that, I will let the stats speak for themselves since I am on vacation.

Note: The Cards Sold have been updated to reflect the new port sale and auction style transactions that we support

4 thoughts on “2010 Q2 Stats: 1,000,000 Cards Sold

  1. Congratulations on the Million Card Sold Mark. That is a great achievement along with the continued growth of the site. Hopefully this year’s National will provide even more exposure and growth opportunities.

  2. Now this is starting to be useful. I’d still like to know what was actually sold and at what price and percentage of guide. Still, seeing that close to half of the cards seems to eventually sell is very encouraging.

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