5 Auctions starting at 95% off

We are continuing to experiment with the best way to run auctions. We just posted 5 new auctions from DKSchultz. They all have extremely low minimum bids, and they are broken out by sport so that you can bid on just the sports you are interested in.

Also, this is the last day to bid on $7,000+ BV, Primarily Football Cards from GridironHerosAndGreats. The minimum bid is more than 90% off.

Top Sellers & Flipping Cards
In the next week we plan to push an update to the site that will change the Top Sellers list so that it incorporates cards that you purchase from the site instead of only reflecting the cards that you have sent us on consignment. If you want to move your way up the Top Sellers list, winning an auction will be a great way to make a quick jump up the list.

2 thoughts on “5 Auctions starting at 95% off

  1. Very nice! I hope they do well.

    It’s very convenient to be able to download the contents of the auction into a spreadsheet.

    Would it be possible to add a download button to other COMC searches without taxing the servers too much? I would personally find that to be very convenient.

    Good luck with the auctions!

    • Thanks for the feature request. We will consider it. There is currently a long list of feature requests. Not sure where that one will rank.

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