Email updates

Many of you have noticed that our email notifications where not consistently reliable over the last month or so. It appears that we finally got down to the root cause of the issue, and you should now get emails more reliably.

Now that all the emails are going out and the site is more active than ever before, I decided to improve some of our email processes.

Daily Summary
We have replaced the “Item Sold” and “Congratulations! Some Items sold” emails with a “Daily Summary” email. The email will be sent out between 1:00AM and 2:00AM PST every morning. It will include a list of all the items that sold from your account that day. You will no longer receive all the little “noise” emails about individual sales.

Offer Emails
You should now receive them more reliably, and the subject will be “[UserName] as sent you an offer”. If you have any pending offers when the Daily Summary email goes out, your Daily Summary email will include the list of pending offers.

Status Updates
All email generated by the website or by our internal processes will now be sent from You used to receive status updates from the Shipping Department or the Processing Department, but now those will all come from You may still receive manually created emails from our employee accounts, but we have standardized on how the auto-generated emails are created.

We have started trying out a service from Constant Contact for sending out newsletters. Today we sent out our first trial. If you want to receive updates about our services and special promotions via email, make sure you join our newsletter.

3 thoughts on “Email updates

  1. Just wanted to say that I love the improved e-mail updates. The “Daily Summary” e-mail is fantastic! Are you planning on doing monthly and/or quarterly summary e-mails as well?

    Thanks so much…keep up the good work!

  2. Great work guys. I’ve noticed an improvement in deliverability! That sort of thing is part of my day job so it’s nice to see you guys continue to think about those things as most in our hobby do not.

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