Shipping Special Extended to Wednesday

Our loss is your gain…

Today were hoping to send out a newsletter announcing silent auctions and the shipping special, but unfortunately we ran out of time. Instead, the newsletter will get sent on Monday, and the shipping special will be extended through Wednesday. This has the added bonus that whoever wins the silent auction can get some cheap shipping if they want that.

We will try to get all special shipments that were requested Friday or Saturday packaged by Friday, June 25th. The rest will be packaged by Tuesday, June 29th.

4 thoughts on “Shipping Special Extended to Wednesday

  1. This sounds like a great deal… noticed that you’re going to ship securely, but without sleeves. Does this mean you’ll use a plastic 50 count case? Just curious… thanks!

    • How the cards get packaged is determined by our shipping experts and varies depending on the contents. We only guarantee that the cards will get to you securely.

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