1.5 Million + 10 > $100K

Big milestones today… I just noticed that we surpassed 1.5 million cards actively for sale on the site, and all ten of our top sellers have more than $100K BV worth of cards for sale.

10 sellers over $100K

Two years ago it only took $20K BV to reach the top 10.

Note: We also made some updates to our sellers page. It should be a lot faster to load, and you can now easily find any seller by username.

12 thoughts on “1.5 Million + 10 > $100K

  1. That’s cool, but I’d really like to know what is actually selling.

    Are the top sellers moving $100, $1000, or $10000 / month, etc.
    More importantly, I’d like to see what cards are searched for, what is being purchased and
    at what price. That way I can see which cards make the most sense to send in.

    • You can extrapolate some of those stats from the seller’s page. We also publish quarterly website stats. I the future we will publish more stats about hottest selling players/sets or info about what people are searching for. As a general rule of thumb, whatever is hot elsewhere is also hot on our site, but surprisingly, people are finding a lot of success selling random cards that they can’t sell anywhere else.

      Sales rates are very specific to what cards you list, what prices you ask, and what condition your cards are in. Rather than trying to predict your sales rates based on what others have seen, we recommend that you try to site with some of your typical cards at your desired asking prices. If you like what you see, send us more of the same.

      • Another way to look at it: Try to send in stuff that isn’t already on the site. You will get more for something if you are the only one with that card, versus being one of 50 people selling the same thing.

    • I think it would be nice to see a list of the stuff that sold, for an idea of which cards are selling, and what prices are being realized.

      • I agree, even if it were something like just the last 10-20 top priced cards that sold, and maybe how long they sat in inventory before selling. Maybe some random reports on different selling behavior….10 fastest sellers…10 hottest cards (most sales in a week?) most flipped (cards that never seem to leave COMC, but circulate from seller to seller…

  2. I do appreciate the stats that come out as they sho the growth of the site. However I also think that the top sellers should be listed in order of book value sold not listed. In my opinion jseau is the top seller on the site. It is not about seeing who can accumulate the most items for sale in their store. I am new to the site bt I am trying to send in items to move through my store. Ideally I would like to have zero dollars book value for sale because I sold everything I have sent in. Just an idea, maybe not eliminate the leader board you already have but add an additional one?

    • Thanks for the feedback! I have thought about this as well. We are very aware of how much jseau has sold. It is possible to sort the sellers page to see the most sold, and we could possibly create an new sellers dashboard page that includes a few different top 10 lists. Hmmm…. keep the suggestions coming. We are always open to good ideas.

  3. >>>> keep the suggestions coming. We are always open to good ideas.

    Since you asked, I believe the site would absolutely explode with activity if you allowed members to set a trade price in addition to a cash price for their cards.

  4. They already effectively have a trade price. You can use any proceeds you get to buy other cards. You also get the benefit of them not taking a percentage of what you got for your cards at that point. They charge the percentage when you ask for your check.

  5. Selling cards for cash and then using the cash to buy other cards is completely different from trading a card you don’t want for a card you do.

    I have $65,000 “book value” in my account. That’s WAAAAAY different from having a stack of 65,000 dollar bills.

  6. Look at it this way – let’s say you’ve got a card dealer in Pittsburgh who does local shows, sets up at swap meets, and maybe even has a brick and mortar card store. His customers want Steelers and Pirates cards. Now let’s say you’ve got a similar dealer in Los Angeles. His customers want Lakers and Dodgers.

    Suppose the Pittsburgh dealer has a $50 Sandy Koufax card and the Los Angeles dealer has a $50 Franco Harris. Each is asking $20 cash for their card. The cards sit in the various accounts gathering dust.

    Suppose they could just swap the cards. They each take physical delivery. At the next show, the Los Angeles dealer gets $20 cash for the Sandy Koufax from a local collector and the Pittsburgh dealer gets $20 cash for the Franco Harris.

    OTOH, let’s say the Pittsburgh dealer sells his Koufax on COMC for $20. Is he going to turn it around and buy the Franco Harris? Why would he spend $20 cash to obtain a card that he’s going to sell for $20 cash?

    I used to own a card store where I did over a million dollars in sports card trades. People treat trade credit much much differently than cash. A buyer might trade in $10,000 worth of cards when that same buyer wouldn’t spend $5 cash, if cash was their only option.

    If the COMC people want to say that trading would take up too much server space or require too many hours of computer programming to set up, that’s fine. Keep it in the back of your mind, put it on the back burner, fine. But if they want to say with a straight face that trading cards is the exact same thing as buying and selling, I strongly disagree.

    To test your theory, why not buy every single card in my account right now for full asking price? Then you can relist them in your account and see how long it takes for the proceeds of our “effective trade” to trickle back to you.

  7. First off, I’m not part of their group, so don’t take what I say as any kind official thing.
    Your example is fine, provided you ignore shipping and payout costs.
    If you have two dealers on here that have stuff, yeah, maybe it would be nice if they had
    a way of making deals easier, but I really don’t see the long term demand here.

    If you think they have stuff that you can turn, and its “gathering dust” for them, well
    many of the dealers allow you to make an offer on their cards. Make an offer where you
    can make money, then sell the stuff you have at a cheaper price to move yours.

    The thought of everyone having their cards in some big bowl and you can pull what you
    want based on the value of what you put in won’t work because we all know that the
    guide prices do not reflect reality. At their best, they show recent trends, at their worst,
    they are complete fictions pushed by dealers hoping to move crap cards to the
    unsuspecting/unsophisticated grandma types ala the late night TV hucksters on cable.

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