Cards_For_Alzheimers UPDATE

COMC, and Dave Elmore in particular, would like to thank everyone who has purchased from or donated to the Cards_For_Alzheimers account in recent weeks. Special kudos to donors dawgfan72, DKSchultz, laburgher, odiegoat (who actually dropped off cards here Monday while on vacation from Minnesota!) and SteveSC.

Just one quick clarification, however: as stated in the original post, offers are not accepted on this account. Dave has been flooded with them, and unfortunately he’s had to reject them all. That’s because he’s committing to getting the most for each and every card, with the understanding that he’ll drop the prices by 10 percent on a weekly basis. (For instance, the majority of the cards with book prices are currently at 47-48% of BV.)

Hope this helps. Thanks again!

2 thoughts on “Cards_For_Alzheimers UPDATE

  1. Can you clarify again how one can donate cards to this cause? Can a shipment simply mailed to COMC instructing they are for donating to Cards_For_Alzheimers?

  2. Yes, Donations of cards can be sent in with a shipment of cards to be listed or can be sent seperatly but always keep seperate from any other cards and clearly marked.
    Thank you. Dave

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