The first official “Port Sale”

Congratulations to bigchili73 and jimscards for completing the first official “Port Sale”.

In any case, many people have successfully made offers on entire collections (or portfolios), and have transfered them from one account to another, but there has been a recent rash of people trying to do this with larger collections. Generally when people try to do a transaction that involves more than 1,000 cards, the server can’t handle the request in the standard 30 seconds allotted to a web request. So we have had to manually run the commands to give them enough time to complete.

After having to do this twice in the past two days, we decided to build a feature in our in-house software to automate the process. Now people can call in to have us facilitate a portfolio purchase.

Once we get the agreed upon price, we send email to both buyer and seller to have them verify that they are happy with the transaction. We then run a command to transfer the entire inventory of cards that are for sale at the specified price.

In this case, 3,204 cards were transfered from bigchili73’s account to jimscards account. Here are a few of the cards involved in the sale.
2007 Topps Total Gold #456 - Adrian Peterson - Courtesy of 1999-00 Topps Chrome Refractors #231 - Lamar Odom - Courtesy of
2004 Playoff Honors Rookie Tandem Jerseys #RT1 - E.Manning/J.Jones - Courtesy of

11 thoughts on “The first official “Port Sale”

  1. It indeed stands for portfolio, but they’ve been using this term on etopps since its inception nine or so years ago. Blowout can get credit for a lot of things, but this ain’t one of them 🙂

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  3. I like the way that can work for both the seller and the buyer. In fact I would be interested in taking offers on my account, all the cards on the site now PLUS the cards that are due to be put on by the 10th of June (around another 2000 cards to be added).
    Anyone interested please feel free to make a fair offer



    Now that you have this technology, would it be possible to put a feature on the site where sellers can offer their entire port for sale and buyers can either purchase or make an offer?

    If so, would it be possible for a seller to subdivide their port into several mini ports, for example, offering their 1990’s basketball cards as one port and their 1950s baseball cards as another port?

    • Yes, we do plan to offer features such as that. Not sure when we will get the time to do it, but anything is possible… it is just software. 🙂

  5. checkoutmydeals has a good point about selling an entire portfolio. If any one is interested in my portfolio, I’d be willing to sell the entire thing for $925. please look at what I have and thanks checkoutmydeals for bringing it up (elmo4256).

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    • For now you need to use a forum such as blowout cards or sports card forum. In the future we will add the ability for you to negotiate portfolio sales directly on the site.

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