Shipping Improvements

Here are a few shipping improvements that we implemented this week. These currently apply only to packages shipped to the United States. We are working on similar improvements for international shipments.

Delivery Confirmation
All domestic orders are now shipped with delivery confirmation. We used to only do delivery confirmation for ~$50+ orders. This is being provided at no additional cost to you.

You will receive an email with a hyperlink that takes you to the website for delivery confirmation status once we have shipped the package.

Address Verification
We now use a service that makes sure the address we are shipping to is valid. This should catch cases where a zip code is entered incorrectly.

Stealth Postage
Most of the cost of shipping is labor. The domestic packages we ship will no longer display the postage paid. This should hopefully avoid some of the confusion about what our shipping fees are paying for.

5 thoughts on “Shipping Improvements

  1. I don’t like the address verification idea at all unless you are using the absolute strictest NCOA match level. If you are only using CASS or the lower NCOA match levels then there could be some big problems. Address verification only work as well as the input address format, so unless you plan on educating all your customers not to use any of these symbols (* # & , @ ) and teach them the address works from the bottom up not the top down there may be some lost packages in your future.

    • Thanks for the input. We are using the address verification that is built into We always review any corrections that are made. Generally it just converts 5 digit ZIP codes to 9 digit ZIP codes, but we have already seen it catch cases where people misspelled their city.

  2. comc is a great site for selling and buying cards all buyers should understand it does cost to ship anything purchased through the mail even labor is a cost too unlike ebay who pushes free shipping onto sellers which still cost sellers to ship buyers still dont leave 5.0 on the dsr rating on that site go figure

  3. I believe these are ALL moves in the right direction. Your shipping fees are already reasonable at the basic level and the addition of delivery confirmation protects everyone.

    Way to go COMC!

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