Volunteers needed for card identification

For the members of our Identification department, asking them to be an authority on every set for every sport (or non-sport) ever made is impossible. There’s bound to be cards that fall through the cracks of even their seemingly endless supply of knowledge.

That’s why COMC is seeking folks who are willing to, on occasion, be contacted for their expertise. Whether it be oddball football cards from the 1950s, over-sized basketball cards, hard-to-find pre-WWII baseball cards, or especially non-sport cards, you likely have a niche we don’t.

If so, and you don’t mind being bothered from time to time, contact us with your user name and specific area of expertise and we’ll get in touch with you.

COMC would like to thank any potential volunteers in advance for your assistance!

16 thoughts on “Volunteers needed for card identification

  1. User name is “CPalmerFan”

    Would be happy to help with football card identification. I have been working with cards since 1989 and was a national show dealer from 1990 – 1996.

  2. I am currently enrolled at South Seattle Comm. College and am going for a degree in Network Adminstration. I collect baseball, basketball and football cards and recently found your website while trying to price my own cards. I can’t volunteer NOW-today, but would like to in the near future, so please email me when you need more volunteers. Great site by the way! Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

  3. If your not concerend with turn around time I can assist as well. I currently work away from home during the week, but I am available on the weekends. I can help with all brands, been in the hobby for over 25 years.

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  7. Hey guys id be glad to help

    i have personal expertise in MMA

    from Pride FC Japanese cards that are rare

    to the new mma cards, also know a lot about

    cards made a long time ago from fighters sponsors…

    my father and uncle own a card shop as well so they

    can give great advice on vintage cards, older players,

    hof’ers and different sports besides football and mma.

    so id be glad to help any way possible


    limas sweed

  8. I’d be happy to help when I can. I’m well versed on all cards from the 1880’s to about the year 2000. I know a lot about non-sports, Magic The Gathering, 1990’s insert cards (sports and non), and most vintage stuff. I’ve been pointing out errors on the existing site when I find them.

    Question from the peanut gallery: when we submit our cards, is there anything we can do to help? So far, I’ve just been shoving stuff into boxes by service level that I want and when I have enough to fill a Flat Rate Priority box, I send in the lot.

    Would it be easier on you guys if I sorted them first? And if so, how? Should I separate the Football, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, Non-Sports, Magic? Should I put them in team bags by type? If I run across something that might stump you (a weird parallel card for instance), should I put a post-it note on the card in question?

    On stuff like Magic cards, I’ve assumed that someone on your end can easily sort Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, Revised, Fourth Edition, etc. Is this the case, or would it be easier if I put all of the Alphas in a bag and label it Alpha?

    On stuff like Wacky Packs, I assumed that someone knows the difference between a 1970’s original tan back and a 1970’s reprint puzzle back. Is this the case, or should I be labeling them as well?

    So far, I’ve only sent in items that were actually in the Beckett database (except for Magic Cards which are easy to research on Magic Cards dot info. The stuff you need help with – is it so obscure it’s not in the Beckett or is it stuff that’s in Beckett you’re having trouble nailing down?

    Also, if I could make a suggestion going forward – it would help with Sketch Cards if you were to put the artist’s name at least, and the subject matter if known. Stuff on Checkoutmycards frequently shows up as the first thing on Google’s shopping tab, and people who are looking for these things often collect by artist and/or subject matter.


  9. You might consider something as simple as a separate blog….comc-id.blogspot.com or similar, and just post scans of the cards in question and people can ID them in the comments field. Once the card is identified, it can be taken of the blog.

  10. Dear Tim:
    I just received your outreach request for experienced/knowledgeable card people to assist in identifying rare/unusual cards – I would be happy to help in any way possible. I’ve been involved with sports and non-sports cards since I started collecting in 1952. I’ve seen lots over the years and I think that I could be a (pretty good) resource to you. Please feel free to call anytime and I’ll give things my best effort!
    Bob @ mocards

  11. I’d be glad to lend my services to help out. I work overnights on the weekends so there is plenty of time to do some research. At this point I’d be more comfortable with football cards probably post 1980, baseball from the 70’s to mid to late 90’s, basketball mid 80’s to mid to late 90’s.

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