I just bought item #2,000,000

Item #2,000,000 was added 4/15/2010 1:50:19 PM by Jade Aspiras from BBCards4Sale
2009 Topps Heritage #692 - Brett Anderson SP RC (Rookie Card) - Courtesy of CheckOutMyCards.com

Item #1,000,000 was added 6/29/2009 1:42:04 PM. That means that we added 1,000,000 cards to the site in 290 days. This is an average of 3,448 new cards on the site every single day of the week.

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8 thoughts on “I just bought item #2,000,000

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! That is a stunning achievement. You should be really proud of your efficiency. To put things in perspective, there are something like 80 million eBay sellers, and all of them put together only have 4 million card listings. Probably fewer than 1 in 1000 listings have large scans of each card, front and back.

    I’m relatively new to the site. I’ve got a few thousand cards in the pipeline with thousands more to come. I can’t wait for everything to go live. Keep up the good work!

  2. Congrats! You all run a terrific service. Communication, the one or two times I’ve attempted it, has been top notch, and the cards never, ever disappoint. You have a customer for life.

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