Saturday ONLY! 1st day of Spring Special

This Customer Appreciation Special signifying the first day of Spring will be Saturday March 20th 12:01 a.m. – 11:59 p.m. (Pacific Time)!  

This is the first special since our move!!  The special is time limited to the first day of Spring which is this  Saturday March 20th.  You must request to ship your order using the bulk shipping option which will only be available this Saturday the 20th only.  We will ship out your bulk order no later than Friday March 26th.  

The details of the special are as follows:

First 50 cards are shipped for $10.00 and each additonal card is 10¢.
– There is NO limit on how many cards you request to ship. 
– There is an extra $10 fee to ship cards outside the United States. 

Please take advantage of the $avings, and Thank You for all of your Support!

The Staff at COMC

12 thoughts on “Saturday ONLY! 1st day of Spring Special

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    • They will be shipped just like we do for the monthly bulk shipping special. Securely without sleeves. We guarantee their safety, but you won’t get sleeves with them. We use our discretion and sometimes put expensive cards in sleeves or top-loaders.

  2. FYI, when Topps Coins, in those coin holders that are stapled together, are shipped with a bunch of other cards, the card immediately below the coin holder ends up with a lot of staple dents in it. The card I got like that was a pretty cheap card, and it’s for my personal collection, so it’s no big deal to me, but it’s sure to generate some complaints about damage for some people. In the future, either pack the coin on the bottom or add some sort of padding around the staples.

  3. That is a great point! is constantly going through improvements in every area. Shipping is one that we take great pride in, this is definitely an issue that needs to be addressed. Step by step and with your input we hope to make this one of the best sites in the industry. Please let me know if you are unhappy with this situation so we will be able to make the best resolution possible! Thank you for ongoing loyalty and support!

  4. Very new too card selling. Just purchased approx 65,000 football cards, very interested in reselling but the store credit required would be a lot from what I have read. Not too sure what they are really worth and don’t have the time required to research so many of these cards. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Brian

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