100K reasons to expand

I recently posted about the site reaching 1 million cards for sale. 6 weeks have passed, and we have grown by 10% to 1.1 million cards for sale!

This brings me to our big news and a flashback from 2 years ago… We are moving and hiring.

Upcoming Move
To keep pace with the growing demand for the service, we have spent the last couple months preparing to move into a larger space. Our goal is to complete the move without any disruptions to any of our services. Everything will continue as scheduled. Orders will continue to be shipped without skipping a beat. We expect to hit all of our guaranteed due dates for processing cards going up for sale. To make sure this happens smoothly, we are spreading parts of the move over the next couple weeks. Next week we will update the site with our new mailing address. Until then, you can continue shipping packages to our current address.

Bigger Workspaces
With a dozen people working from our current location, everyone has been working in tight quarters. With the new location each person will have at least twice as much space to work. This should help improve efficiency and accuracy which will allow us to absorb the increased overhead without needing to increase any fees.

More Workspaces
Not only will each workspace be larger, but we will also have twice as many workspaces. Our goal is to grow to 25-30 employees over the next three years. The new location will make that possible. If you would like to join our team, get your resume prepared. During the first week of February we will start posting our job openings. Keep an eye on the blog for more news.

Public Access
We are using every inch of our current location, so there was no opportunity for us to make a place for customers to stop by. In the new location, we have a portion of the space that is sectioned off for buyers and sellers to drop by. We are excited about all the ways we anticipate using this space. I look forward to having a place where you can swing by when you are in the Seattle area. Over the next several months we will start announcing what will be available here.