1 million cards for sale!

After two and a half years of offering sports card consignment, we have now crossed the 1 million mark!

There are currently more than 1 million cards for sale on Check Out My Cards, and there are more than 450,000 different cards for sales.

This is a truly amazing feat. I am very proud of our team for all of their hard work. We have a very dedicated staff that is passionate about the work they do.

Way to go team!

15 thoughts on “1 million cards for sale!

  1. Definitely an excellent marketing tool, to say you have more than 1 million cards for sale.

  2. WOW over 1 million cards 4 sale, way to go guys and keep it up cant wait to see 2 million. You have truley opened up a new portal to the hobby and i hope that it keeps getting better and better thanks a million times over staff 🙂

  3. Congrads!!!! Great Site and a great selection to choose from ….looking forward for the “BIG 2!”

  4. Congratulations Tim and Staff!
    Your one-million card breakthrough is exceeded only in your technological savvy and your creative responses to the never-ending need to be out front and innovative. I’m sure that the way to two-million cards will be even quicker and easier!

  5. Would be a great marketing slogan if COMC ever spent any real $ on actual marketing instead of relying on sellers to give them free word-of-mouth advertising.

  6. OK, I see you guys are growing very quickly. I currently have 60,000+ cards listed on SportsBuy. I am thinking about transfering every card worth more than a couple bucks over to this site. I would like some of the sellers on here to tell me why I should do it. My biggest hesitation is that I would have to stop doing card shows if I sent my cards to COMC.

    • Thanks for the comment. This is a valid concern. One of the ways that we have seen dealers use our site is by buying cards off the site that are likely to sell at local card shows, and then buying cards at local card shows that might do better with a broader audience. One of our employees, SteveSC, does this all the time. He has nearly $100,000 BV worth of cards listed on the site, and he goes to card shows 2 or 3 times per month. At his tables, he sells a lot of local players and cards he knows he has collectors looking for. After cards don’t sell for a couple months at shows, he puts them on the site. He does a combination of buying cards off the site and cashing out store credit. Many people have figured out ways to use our service to augment and improve how they enjoy collecting and dealing cards. It would be great to hear other sellers stories.

  7. Good point, I do have some cards that I have had for quite a while that have not moved. Is there anywhere on this site that I can go to that would show some of the most recent sales or what is selling best. I think I am going to give the site a try. But I am going to start out small. Maybe 100-200 cards and see how they do. What would you guys suggest I send in. Vinage, High End, Rookies, Inserts, Parallels. Just trying to get a gage on what the customers on this site are looking to buy.

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  9. I’d love to hear from sellers who actually need income from their card sales and not just play money to buy other cards with. Obviously your differentiator is your scanning and storage of cards, but you charge a higher final value percentage than eBay (and Paypal combined) who has probably 25x more traffic. Please explain why I should pay you approximately 7% more than I pay to eBay who produces FAR more potential customers. Further, what happens if you fold? What happens to my cards? I have about 200,000 non-base ($3+ in bv) cards I’d be interested in moving, but when I inquired about some sort of discount for quantity I was told I would need to ‘establish’ myself first.

    This is not meant to be negative. I’ve toyed with sending in some cards, but your prices seem to outweigh their worth.

    • I recommend checking out the Blowout Cards forums or Sports Card Forum to get opinions of other sellers.

      I highly recommend looking at your total cost of selling through eBay, not just the final selling percentages of eBay & PayPal. I did this with one of our largest sellers. He thought he was only paying about 10% to eBay and PayPal, but after we looked at how much he was paying his employee to scan, list, and ship the cards, he discovered that it cost him 40% of the final eBay prices to do all the work. The total cost for our service is generally much lower than what others can do on their own.

      If you are thinking of listing 200,000 cards you will either need to hire someone to help or it will take you a very long time to list and ship all of those items. With us, you could ship all of them to us and we would have them online in 8 weeks, and all you have to do is respond to offers. That said, the recommended way of using our service is to start by sending a few hundred or maybe a few thousand cards to get familiar with the service and how things sell. After that, you will probably start sending 10,000 cards at a time without having to pay any additional money out of pocket because your sales will pay for your processing fees.

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