December Promos

Wish we could offer more promos, but this month will be pretty busy for us. We are still recovering from the overwhelming response to the Thanksgiving specials.

10¢ Priority Processing for any of the following items

– Any Hockey RCs
– Any Wayne Gretzky cards
– Any Michael Jordan cards
– Any Cal Ripken Jr. cards
– Any Ken Griffey Jr. cards

– Encased cards, box-toppers, jumbo and graded cards are not eligible for this promotion
– Packages must be postmarked by December 31st
– Boxes must be clearly marked with your user name and “10¢ Priority”
– Follow the instructions for how to ship to us
– Note: There will be a $3 batch fee per 500 cards.

Learn more about using our consignment service to sell your cards

15¢ Bulk Shipping

The last week of the month you will be able to place a bulk shipment request for 50 cards or more. The shipping fee will be $15 for the first 50 cards and 15¢ for each card after that.

Here are the full details on the bulk shipping option.

4 thoughts on “December Promos

  1. So, the site is closing in on 1 million cards.

    Might get more cards sent in if there was an incentive for the 1,000,000th card listed.

    Ok COMC, what do you think?

    • Habs fan that would have been a great idea. Oh well maybe the next million, also this question is for the staff (tim) my brother just moved back in with my parents up in mankato minn and discovered a box full of cards and was wondering if there will be anymore first time seller promos lmk so i can tell him. Thanks shawn

      • We did gave away a price when we received our 1,000,000th card. The problem with measuring 1,000,000 active listings is that cards are being added and sold all the time. We probably crossed back and forth over the 1,000,000 mark a couple times, and I don’t know exactly which card(s) represented the 1,000,000th active listing at some point.

        Regarding first-time seller discounts… We don’t currently have one running but we do periodically offer such discounts. Considering the current backlog, we won’t likely run another such discount for a few months.

      • thanks 4 the super quick response tim i will let him know. GL on getting caught up on the awesome holiday rush -shawn

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