September Promos

After having our second consecutive month of record sales, we would like to smash our record for putting new content on the site. To do that, we need to add 100,000 new cards to the site this month. Help us reach this goal by taking advantage this month’s processing promotions.

$10 Free Processing

All you need to do is mention the following:
– Your user name on the Blowout Cards forum and “$10 Free Processing”

You can use this with any processing service level, including the “10¢ Priority” special mentioned below!

10¢ Priority Processing for any of the following items

– Any Topps Chrome
– Any Bowman Chrome
– Any Exquisite Collection
– Any 2008 Topps Mayo
– Any 2009 Topps Magic
– Any cards from 1975 or earlier
– Any Drew Brees
– Any Peyton Manning
– Any Tom Brady
– Any Aaron Rodgers
– Any Tony Romo
– Any Brett Favre
– Any Adrian Peterson
– Any Matt Forte

– Any Topps Chrome
– Any Exquisite Collection
– Any Topps Allen and Ginter
– Any cards from 1975 or earlier
– Any Curtis Granderson
– Any Dustin Pedroia
– Any Tim Lincecum
– Any Justin Morneau
– Any Cole Hamels
– Any Joe Mauer

– No more than 5,000 cards per user
– Encased cards, box-toppers, jumbo and graded cards are not eligible for this promotion
– Packages must be postmarked by September 30th
– Boxes must be clearly marked with your user name and “10¢ Priority”
– Follow the instructions for how to ship to us
– Note: There will still be a $3 batch fee per 500 cards.

15¢ Bulk Shipping

The last week of this month you will be able to place a bulk shipment request for 50 cards or more. The shipping fee will be $15 for the first 50 cards and 15¢ for each card after that.

5 thoughts on “September Promos

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  3. I’ve wanted to submit some cards for awhile, but there are always so many numbers swirling around the process I haven’t been able to sort that out yet. 15 cent each, $3 added to bulk? So potential sellers are penalized for submitting 500 cards? Is that in addition to the 15 cent each? 1 cent storage fee…but not for customers? What does the $10 discount cover?

    Ok, so simply put, if I wanted to submit 50 cards that are NOT in any of the 10 cent discount list, what would that cost this month? A simple pricing chart would go a LONG way here.

    • Great question. There is actually a calculator for you here.

      Just plug in your numbers, and it will tell you exactly what it costs. Standard service is $0.15/card. So 50 cards is $7.50 + $3 for the batch for a total of $10.50. With the $10 discount, you only need to pay $0.50 to get the 50 cards listed.

      The $3 batch fee we charge per 500 cards. If you send 1 card, you still have to pay the $3 fee. If you send 5,000 cards, you have to pay $30 for 10 batches. We encourage people to send at least 500 to minimize the batch fee.

      The storage fee is only relevant if you are trying to sell cards, but you cards are exempt from storage fees for the first 90 days on the site.

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