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In case you haven’t noticed, we have started twittering. The most recent twitters are listed on the right side of the blog.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter. I won’t always have time to put together detailed blog posts about all the news that is happening around Check Out My Cards, but I will try to keep the latest news posted on Twitter. This will include new features, record breaking stats, partnerships, industry news, and other interesting trivia.

5 thoughts on “Twittering the latest news

  1. Hi Tim:
    I admit that my (lack of high-tech knowledge) is evident and woeful! However, I am confused on this whole twitter thing! In your opinion do I need to become proficient at twittering? I see where others are now linking to COMC, but to what end? From my brief looks at the comments made there doesn’t seem (yet?) to be anything that might help me with selling my cards. Does this make any sense?
    As I reflect on my sales over the 10 months that I’ve been on COMC I have done most of my sales in the lower end cards. Do you have any thoughts about how we might stimulate the upper end?

    • Twitter is a great way for me to send quick little updates. I will also use it to point to blog posts or articles about bigger announcements. You may want to create a twitter account so that you can easily follow our twitter and twitters of other people and sites that you care about. For example, you can look at the people I follow for examples of other people you may want to follow. It was on Twitter that I first heard the news about Topps getting exclusive rights for MLB in 2010.

      Our blog also lists the most recent few twitters, so you can stay on top of our twitters by just checking the blog too.

      Regarding the sales of low end vs. high end cards… Your analysis is consistent with our observations. I believe that is simply the state of the economy. People don’t have as much money for expensive purchases, but they still have a few bucks hear and there to buy couple dollar cards. That seems to be one of the reasons why our site has been taking off so much. We have created a place where people can cost-effectively buy and sell low end cards. Maybe once the economy rebounds, people will start buying more high end cards as well.

  2. Hi.

    This is relating to the latest twitter comment on the side of this blog post. I know that low offers can get frustrating, but is there a way that the minimum offer amount can be applied to individual COMC members? In other words, if some member sellers want a minimum offer amount applied to their account, fine, but if others want to be able to receive lower offers, that’s ok to. Also, isn’t the site set up so that an offer has to be at least 50% of the asking price? I’d like to be able to at least consider offers, as long as they are at least 50% of my ask price. If 10 people offer 20 cents to me for cards I have listed at 30 cents and I accept all the offers, that’s $2.00 in sales that right now I would not be able to consider because of the minimum offer scenario. Just some food for thought. I know you’re always looking at getting better. Keep up the great work!

    • You make good points. It ultimately becomes a trade-off. If I let each seller customized this setting, it is a little bit of work for us, but then each sellers has to figure out the “right” value for this on their own. I wonder how many of those $0.20 you actually lose. I am sure a good portion of them end up selling for your full asking price instead of going through the offer process. Also another portion of them will encourage people to find more of your cards for sale, and you will get a bigger offer. There is some point at which you are actually better off because people just buy your cards or they make bigger offers instead of nickel and diming you.

  3. Hey Tim.

    Thanks for the reply. I’ve been a member for almost 2 years (January 08) and I’ve enjoyed every minute. I know you always have your members best interests in mind, and it’s nice to be able to share ideas and suggestions. Thanks : )

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