Great experience at the National

Steve, Dave, and I have had a great experience at the National. Today was a lot of fun. We were surprised to meet several of the top sellers on Check Out My Cards. We weren’t sure who we were going to meet.
– baseballcardsetc dropped off a few hundred cards
– mwheeler27 gave us several hundred cards and introduced us to the person at SPORTKINGS who designs their cards
– iluvfish2 dropped off 1,500 cards
– 2_t_2 dropped off several hundred cards yesterday and actually got the t-shirts for us

There were so many people that came by the booth. It was fun to hear the stories about how people found the site and what their experience has been.

One thing that I thought was pretty cool was that our booth was right next to Kruk Cards. When I got back into card collecting in 2003. There were a few card sites that influenced me. Kruk Cards had one of those sites. I bought more than 100 complete sets from them. These were all sets that that came out in the mid 90’s when I was previously into collecting. Even though the prices had dropped so much on these sets, it was really fun to get all of these cards that I had loved while growing up. This really helped me get back into collecting.

This morning I had great chats with Pat, Chris, and Tom from Blowout Cards. We discussed some awesome ways that our sites can really work well together. We will announcing more about the details over the next couple weeks.

9 thoughts on “Great experience at the National

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  2. Why do offers now have to be a minimum of $1.00? If I see a card for under a dollar that i want to make an offer on, now I can’t? Also, I want other buyers/sellers to be able to make offers on my stuff for under a dollar if they want. Isn’t this minimum offer amount a stifle on potential sales? Thanks.

    • Where are you seeing anything about this? I see nothing listed above about this, and have yet to experience anything of the sort.

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  4. I posted on the most recent blog as there was discussion about sites working together and this particular situation hadn’t happened before. Try and make an offer to a seller for less than $1, and this comes up –

    “The offer must be at least $1. Add more cards to this offer”.

    So if I see a card that has a book value of $1 with a list price of 99 cents and I make an offer of 89 cents that message comes up. It started happening after Aug. 1st, so I figured it was a new element added into the site software. The flip side is, I accept lots of offers that are made to me that total less than $1, so I’m just trying to see what’s up. Give it a try and see what happens. Thanks.

    • We have talked about doing this for a while. Since I was fixing some other issues in the same area I went ahead and implemented it. The issue is that sellers are getting $0.15 offers for $0.25 cards, and it is often not even worth the time to check the offer. So I wanted to put a cut-off somewhere for the minimum offer. It is currently set at $1. When cards are less than a dollar, we really want to encourage people to batch up their offers instead of sending all of these little offers.

      This feature also educates people about the ability to add more than one card to an offer.

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  6. Not a bad idea Tim. I dont mind the offers personally. However, when changes like this are made, I really wish an email would go out to all the members (covering both buyers and sellers). Keep up the good work! I saw I had 486 cards post up yesterday, and figure I may have the other 514 post today, then the other 1500 from the National in 2 weeks, going to be a fun month!

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