Q2 Stats & Update from the National

Here are the Q2 stats.
2009-Q2 Stats

I saw the partial stats for July when I was putting together the Q2 stats, and it looks like Q3 is going to be pretty good.

The reception at the National has been overwhelmingly positive. I am amazed by how many people have only bought or sold on eBay and have still never heard of us. That is a good sign. That means we still have a vast untapped market. We will continue to try to grow at a manageable pace and keep our service as high quality as possible.

It has been a lot of fun talking with people. Steve Hollander and Dave Elmore have been doing a great job of letting people know how the site works and giving them a taste of their experience as users of the site and as employees. We have also been seeing many users, such as ohiomike, who have been helping spread the word about the site and getting people to start using our service.

I have had opportunities to talk with several influential members of the collecting community.
– Went to dinner with Mike Silvia, owner of SportsCardForum.com
– Met Chris Gilmore, owner of freedomcardboard.com
– Did a recorded interview for The Card Podcast
– Had a long chat with Dean from Dean’s Cards
– Answered more questions about our service for Dr. James Beckett
– Finally got to meet Bill Sutherland from Beckett Media
– Talked again with Ted Golden, president of Card Pricer
– Did an interview with Rich Mueller, managing editor of Sports Collectors Daily

Tomorrow morning I will be meeting with Blowout Cards to discuss ways our sites could help each other.

This year’s National has been a great experience. It was two years ago at the National that we announced our consignment service. Seeing the response at the National gives us a nice yearly opportunity to gauge the progress we have made. I am very pleased with the response that we are seeing.