September Promos

After having our second consecutive month of record sales, we would like to smash our record for putting new content on the site. To do that, we need to add 100,000 new cards to the site this month. Help us reach this goal by taking advantage this month’s processing promotions.

$10 Free Processing

All you need to do is mention the following:
– Your user name on the Blowout Cards forum and “$10 Free Processing”

You can use this with any processing service level, including the “10¢ Priority” special mentioned below!

10¢ Priority Processing for any of the following items

– Any Topps Chrome
– Any Bowman Chrome
– Any Exquisite Collection
– Any 2008 Topps Mayo
– Any 2009 Topps Magic
– Any cards from 1975 or earlier
– Any Drew Brees
– Any Peyton Manning
– Any Tom Brady
– Any Aaron Rodgers
– Any Tony Romo
– Any Brett Favre
– Any Adrian Peterson
– Any Matt Forte

– Any Topps Chrome
– Any Exquisite Collection
– Any Topps Allen and Ginter
– Any cards from 1975 or earlier
– Any Curtis Granderson
– Any Dustin Pedroia
– Any Tim Lincecum
– Any Justin Morneau
– Any Cole Hamels
– Any Joe Mauer

– No more than 5,000 cards per user
– Encased cards, box-toppers, jumbo and graded cards are not eligible for this promotion
– Packages must be postmarked by September 30th
– Boxes must be clearly marked with your user name and “10¢ Priority”
– Follow the instructions for how to ship to us
– Note: There will still be a $3 batch fee per 500 cards.

15¢ Bulk Shipping

The last week of this month you will be able to place a bulk shipment request for 50 cards or more. The shipping fee will be $15 for the first 50 cards and 15¢ for each card after that.

mwheeler27 is the 4th to cross $100,000

mwheeler27 is another member of the Blowout Cards forums to have found success using the Check Out My Cards consignment service.

Today he crossed $100,000 in total book value for sale on the site.

His actual value is quite a bit higher than this because he has sent us so many cards that are too rare to have a book value. Here are some of the amazing cards that he currently has for sale.
2008 Razor Oval Office Cut Signatures #9 - William Henry Harrison/1 BGS AUTHENTICATED AUTHENTIC - Courtesy of
2007 Sportkings Autograph Memorabilia Gold #AMPRO - Pete Rose Jsy/10 - Courtesy of
2006 SPx Super Scripts Autographs #SSJC - Jay Cutler SP BGS GRADED 9.5 - Courtesy of 2005-06 Upper Deck LeBron James Autographs #LJ24 - LeBron James/1 BGS GRADED 8.5 - Courtesy of
2007-08 ITG Ultimate Memorabilia Toronto Fall Expo Memorabilia Redemptions Gold #1 - Alexander Ovechkin/1 - Courtesy of

Bulk Shipping is back!

The Bulk Shipping option is now back as a permanent, monthly special.

The last week of each month you can place a shipment request with the Bulk Shipping option.

We will package the bulk orders the first week of the next month. Your orders will be shipped via USPS Priority within 2 weeks.

The minimum bulk shipping order is 50 cards. After that is only $0.15 for each additional card.

COMC partners with Blowout Cards

Many of you are familiar with the Blowout Cards website and forum. It was a year and a half ago that wunderkindcards (a.k.a. BeaverSportsCards) started a thread in the Blowout Cards forum titled “”. This has since become the most popular thread the Blowout Cards forum has ever seen. There are more than 3,500 posts on this one thread.

Many of the Blowout Card members have become Check Out My Cards members, and at the National last year in Chicago a number of these common members made sure we got a chance to meet a few of the folks from Blowout Cards and to start thinking about potential partnership opportunities. It as been a very busy year for both of our sites, and this year at the National we finally got a chance to discuss making those ideas a reality.

Tom Fish and Tim Getsch @ the 2009 National

Tom Fish and Tim Getsch @ the 2009 National

I am glad to announce that last week we officially signed a partnership agreement, and we are now starting to implement some updates to our sites and service offerings that will illustrate how the whole can be greater than the sum of its parts.

Blowout Cards specializes in selling factory sealed boxes and cases. Check Out My Cards specializes in making it safe & easy for people to buy & sell singles.

Both sites try to be industry leaders through innovation.
– Blowout Cards was the first seller of boxes & cases to start a highly successful forum. Check Out My Cards has reaped the benefits of this forum.
– Blowout Cards and Check Out My Cards have stared using services such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and blogs to reach the community.
– Check Out My Cards set out to create a consignment service that could be cost effective for any cards that might sell for $1 or more. Many people have even found it to be successful for cards that sell for well under $1.
– Check Out My Cards has scanned more cards than any other sports card website. More than 1,000,000 cards have been scanned using patent-pending technology.


Now you can use the store credit that you earn from selling cards on to buy Blowout Cards gift certificates. You can than buy factory sealed boxes & cases from Blowout Cards, crack them open, keep the cards you want, and send us the rest to earn more funds to buy more product. Of course, you can also use your store credit on Check Out My Cards to buy other singles or to get cash.

This just the beginning. We will continue to find more innovative ways that we can leverage each others services.

Seller surpasses $100,000 BV in sales

The other day jseau became the first seller on to surpass $100,000 BV in sales.

Here are the top sellers based on sold book value.
Others sellers that have sold more than $50,000 BV in cards includebigkoi2008, RFleshin, and LowPriceCards

Here are a sampling of jeau’s cards. Warning: If you like them, you better act fast. His cards don’t last on the site very long.

1959 Topps #563 - Willie Mays AS - Courtesy of 2000 Upper Deck #254 - Tom Brady RC (Rookie Card) - Courtesy of
2005-06 Upper Deck Jerseys Series II #J2MM - Mike Modano - Courtesy of
2005-06 Upper Deck Hardcourt #126 - Andrew Bynum RC (Rookie Card)/1750 - Courtesy of

Twittering the latest news

In case you haven’t noticed, we have started twittering. The most recent twitters are listed on the right side of the blog.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter. I won’t always have time to put together detailed blog posts about all the news that is happening around Check Out My Cards, but I will try to keep the latest news posted on Twitter. This will include new features, record breaking stats, partnerships, industry news, and other interesting trivia.

Great experience at the National

Steve, Dave, and I have had a great experience at the National. Today was a lot of fun. We were surprised to meet several of the top sellers on Check Out My Cards. We weren’t sure who we were going to meet.
– baseballcardsetc dropped off a few hundred cards
– mwheeler27 gave us several hundred cards and introduced us to the person at SPORTKINGS who designs their cards
– iluvfish2 dropped off 1,500 cards
– 2_t_2 dropped off several hundred cards yesterday and actually got the t-shirts for us

There were so many people that came by the booth. It was fun to hear the stories about how people found the site and what their experience has been.

One thing that I thought was pretty cool was that our booth was right next to Kruk Cards. When I got back into card collecting in 2003. There were a few card sites that influenced me. Kruk Cards had one of those sites. I bought more than 100 complete sets from them. These were all sets that that came out in the mid 90’s when I was previously into collecting. Even though the prices had dropped so much on these sets, it was really fun to get all of these cards that I had loved while growing up. This really helped me get back into collecting.

This morning I had great chats with Pat, Chris, and Tom from Blowout Cards. We discussed some awesome ways that our sites can really work well together. We will announcing more about the details over the next couple weeks.

Q2 Stats & Update from the National

Here are the Q2 stats.
2009-Q2 Stats

I saw the partial stats for July when I was putting together the Q2 stats, and it looks like Q3 is going to be pretty good.

The reception at the National has been overwhelmingly positive. I am amazed by how many people have only bought or sold on eBay and have still never heard of us. That is a good sign. That means we still have a vast untapped market. We will continue to try to grow at a manageable pace and keep our service as high quality as possible.

It has been a lot of fun talking with people. Steve Hollander and Dave Elmore have been doing a great job of letting people know how the site works and giving them a taste of their experience as users of the site and as employees. We have also been seeing many users, such as ohiomike, who have been helping spread the word about the site and getting people to start using our service.

I have had opportunities to talk with several influential members of the collecting community.
– Went to dinner with Mike Silvia, owner of
– Met Chris Gilmore, owner of
– Did a recorded interview for The Card Podcast
– Had a long chat with Dean from Dean’s Cards
– Answered more questions about our service for Dr. James Beckett
– Finally got to meet Bill Sutherland from Beckett Media
– Talked again with Ted Golden, president of Card Pricer
– Did an interview with Rich Mueller, managing editor of Sports Collectors Daily

Tomorrow morning I will be meeting with Blowout Cards to discuss ways our sites could help each other.

This year’s National has been a great experience. It was two years ago at the National that we announced our consignment service. Seeing the response at the National gives us a nice yearly opportunity to gauge the progress we have made. I am very pleased with the response that we are seeing.