Promotions @ the National

Here are the promotions that we will be running at the National.

Free T-Shirt
Current buyers and sellers can get a free Check Out My Cards t-shirt for hanging out at our both for an hour and showing people how they use the site. We will have a nice 22″ touch-screen LCD for playing with the site. Swing by booth #1432 early to sign-up for your slot.

You can buy Check Out My Cards t-shirts for $10. The shirts won’t arrive until Friday morning.

$100 Free Express Processing
First time sellers get a coupon for $100 of free Express Processing that will be good through the end of August.

Extra Store Credit
You can pick up a coupon to get $5, $20, or $100 extra store credit when purchasing $100, $250, or $1,000 store credit by sending us a check or money order through the mail. We are only offering a limited number of each coupon (e.g. 8x$100 & 40x$20), so come by our booth early to ensure that you get a coupon. We will also have stamped envelopes you can pick up at the show. The coupons will be good through the end of the month.

$0.20 Priority Processing
You can drop cards off and get $0.20 priority processing with a 3 week guarantee from the drop-off date. There will be no additional $3 batch fee per 500 cards, and it is only $5 to have us ship as many cards as you want to drop off.

Drop-Off for Processing
You can drop cards off at booth #1432, and we will ship them for you. Processing fees are the same as stated on the website except for the $0.20 Priority Processing promo mentioned above. For everything other than Express Processing, there will be an extra shipping fee to have us ship the cards for you.
Extra Shipping Fees
– No extra shipping fee if you use Express Processing (1-week guarantee)
– Flat $5 shipping fee for Priority Processing (3-week guarantee)
– Extra shipping fee of $5 per 1,000 cards for Standard Processing (8-week guarantee)
All guaranteed due dates will be based off the drop-off date.

6 thoughts on “Promotions @ the National

  1. Will you be offering any online specials for the folks who can’t make the national….I’ve already made a couple of purchases from the site and am now in the processing of pulling together a bunch of cards for processing so i can sell them thru your site. $5 for 1,000 cards is great price compared to the $37.00 it will cost me for the 230 cards i’ve already pulled.

    • Neil, Thanks for bringing it to my attention that the blog post wasn’t clear enough about the shipping fee for cards being dropped off. I have updated the blog post to be more explicit. The $5 per 1,000 is not the processing fee. That is what we will charge to have us ship the cards back to our warehouse. The standard processing fee for 230 cards would still be $37.50.

  2. Can those of us not attending The National get the deposit bonus mentioned above?

    • We printed a fixed number of coupons. If we have any left after the National we will likely insert them in orders that we ship out to people.

  3. Not gonna lie, I am shocked. Brand new sellers get $100 processing free??? “First time sellers get a coupon for $100 through the end of August”. I have thousands of cards from mine and my friend who just discovered the site to send in (He lives in Kansas City and won’t be at the National), but I feel you’re putting the old crowd on the backburner. What happened to ten cents per card??? I understand you have to to adapt to the economy, but really, when I read your profiles before I committed to the site, I thought you all were a good-moraled bunch. Is COMC going to be asking for a bailout in 2010 or should I log my cards under a different user???

    • At the National last year we offered free processing for 100 cards. This year we increased that to 200 cards, and we let people use the express service so that they don’t have to wait to see how the site works. It is amazing how many people at the national have only used eBay, and have never heard of us. This promotion should really help spread the word among a new group of users.

      We are not likely to offer the $0.10 budget service again. However, we will likely offer some selective $0.10 specials or even better in the future. In July we offered free express processing for certain cards. We will likely do more promos like that. Keep an eye on the blog for more. When a special comes up that you are eligible for, be sure to jump on it.

      Note: Per the user agreement you are only allowed to have one account. We have only permitted a few people to manage a couple accounts under special circumstances. You need to contact us if you think you need multiple accounts.

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