Promotions @ the National

Here are the promotions that we will be running at the National.

Free T-Shirt
Current buyers and sellers can get a free Check Out My Cards t-shirt for hanging out at our both for an hour and showing people how they use the site. We will have a nice 22″ touch-screen LCD for playing with the site. Swing by booth #1432 early to sign-up for your slot.

You can buy Check Out My Cards t-shirts for $10. The shirts won’t arrive until Friday morning.

$100 Free Express Processing
First time sellers get a coupon for $100 of free Express Processing that will be good through the end of August.

Extra Store Credit
You can pick up a coupon to get $5, $20, or $100 extra store credit when purchasing $100, $250, or $1,000 store credit by sending us a check or money order through the mail. We are only offering a limited number of each coupon (e.g. 8x$100 & 40x$20), so come by our booth early to ensure that you get a coupon. We will also have stamped envelopes you can pick up at the show. The coupons will be good through the end of the month.

$0.20 Priority Processing
You can drop cards off and get $0.20 priority processing with a 3 week guarantee from the drop-off date. There will be no additional $3 batch fee per 500 cards, and it is only $5 to have us ship as many cards as you want to drop off.

Drop-Off for Processing
You can drop cards off at booth #1432, and we will ship them for you. Processing fees are the same as stated on the website except for the $0.20 Priority Processing promo mentioned above. For everything other than Express Processing, there will be an extra shipping fee to have us ship the cards for you.
Extra Shipping Fees
– No extra shipping fee if you use Express Processing (1-week guarantee)
– Flat $5 shipping fee for Priority Processing (3-week guarantee)
– Extra shipping fee of $5 per 1,000 cards for Standard Processing (8-week guarantee)
All guaranteed due dates will be based off the drop-off date.