The season for great weddings

I am currently in Minnesota en-route to Cleveland for the National. This Friday Andy Bird got married. In November of 2006 I was home for Thanksgiving, and Andy was telling me how much he enjoyed web development and how he was looking for “the next garage startup” like google and youtube. That Christmas I decided to start recruiting Andy to move to Seattle to work for my garage startup. Yes, was actually operating out of my garage at the time. Back then we weren’t open to the public. We only had my cards (timgetsch, LowPriceCards) and cards from a friend (Serf77).

A few months later Andy was enticed to make the move to Seattle. That summer he got plugged into Overlake Christian Church where he eventually met his future wife Leah. Funny thing is that they are both from Minnesota and both sets of parents even go to the same church, Wooddale Church. They had an amazing, outdoor wedding overlooking a fountain at the Carlson Towers.
Wedding Reception

OK, funny story… the night before the wedding I was on my way to the Minneapolis airport to pick up another friend from Seattle. As I was trying to figure out if my friend might have checked luggage or not, I thought about the fact that he would be bringing dress clothes for the wedding… and it was at that moment that I realized I had totally forgot to pack for the wedding. I was so busy getting everything else taken care of for this two week long trip that I overlooked that detail. Fortunately I was able to call up my best friend and borrow some dress shoes, socks, a shirt and a tie. I only had to go buy pants and a belt.

While I was at my friends house picking up the clothes we saw a clip on the news about this couple that got married in St. Paul MN just a month earlier. Apparently they had just posted a youtube video of their wedding entrance and it had gotten more than half a million views in the first couple days. Well I just checked, and they now have more than 6 million views in less than a week.

They even got invited to recreated their wedding dance for the Today Show. Here is some more info about the wedding march.

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  1. I love your story. I once photographed a wedding and bout 10 min. before the wedding was to start, the groom realized that he forgot to pack his pants. He borrowed the pant of his best man and they were much shorter than his legs. It was too funny. The bride was not laughing though.

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